Review: Chicken waffles and mac and cheese burgers at Mr Big Stuff in Braamfontein

Mr Big Stuff waffle and wallpaper

A nostalgic waffle at Mr Big Stuff. Photo by Angie Batis Durrant.

Mr Big Stuff is the new kid on the Braamfontein block. This place is bringing back the art to artisanal American-style fast food – if ever there was such a thing. The seasoned restaurateurs and creators of creative spaces like Wolves and The Good Luck Club, Angie and Shane Durrant, have now created this playful eatery with Japanese-inspired décor and food to tickle your soul.


For breakfast try the classic waffle stack with bacon and syrup, which delivers light and fluffy waffles with a drizzle of golden syrup and nuggets of crispy bacon. If you want something a bit sweeter, try the waffle with Nutella and banana or the flapjack stack with the same toppings. The breakfast burger is a little more substantial, featuring a 100g beef patty topped with an egg and bacon on a bun. There’s also a potato waffle with cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon.

Don’t worry if you missed the breakfast run: the waffles also appear on the lunch and dinner menu. Why not try a waffle sandwich – yes, a sandwich. Here they ditch the bread for fluffy waffles stuffed generously with crispy chicken strips and chilli mayo or Swiss cheese and raspberry jam. If that appeals, just wait for the waffle madness to come… a fried chicken waffle sandwich drizzled with mustard syrup or gravy. You’ll love the combination of the syrupy sweet waffle and the mildly spiced crispy chicken.

The mac and cheese burger at Mr Big Stuff.

The mac and cheese burger at Mr Big Stuff. Photo by Angie Batis Durrant.

The carb fest doesn’t stop there. We also order a homemade cheeseburger with secret Mr Big Stuff sauce and a deep-fried slab of mac and cheese inside. Warning: not for the faint hearted, this stuff is addictive and sinfully delicious.

The fried mac and cheese nuggets also come as side dish, if you prefer. We opt instead for the disco fries covered in cheese sauce with crispy bacon. Once every morsel is devoured, we have no space left for dessert, which looks equally enticing. The waffle invasion continues with a banana-split or apple-pie waffle, alongside offerings of churros-style waffle pops or milkshakes. I think dessert deserves a special trip on a relatively empty stomach.


Mr Big Stuff is still unlicensed, so go for one of their double-thick shakes flavoured with peanut butter and chocolate, or the banoffee pie, the perfect partner to wash down that burger or waffle. Also on offer are regular soft drinks and coffees.

Mr Big Stuff interior

The quirky interior of Mr Big Stuff. Photo by Angie Batis Durrant.


The staff embody the fun nature of the space and are friendly and quirky. Place your order at the main counter and your food will be brought to the table.


The space has an American diner meets Japanese cartoon vibe. Smiley-faced wallpaper and pastel colours adorn the walls and the space is dotted with custom-designed furniture, transporting you to a wonderland fit for the food adventure ahead. They have free WiFi so you can relax and have a coffee after your meal while you get through those dreaded emails.

Mr Big Stuff chicken and waffle

Chicken and waffle at Mr Big Stuff. Photo by Angie Batis Durrant.


Dining here will ensure you loosen a notch on your belt but leave a serious smile on your dial.

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