South Africa’s first dedicated burrito bar opens in Durban this week

Local entrepreneurs and Wakaberry founders Michele and Ken Fourie will open the doors to South Africa’s first burrito bar this Thursday. The new taqueria-style restaurant, named Four15, will be the latest eatery to hit Durban North’s growing foodie scene.

Four15 will purposely steer away from serving run-of-the-mill Mexican fare. An assortment of burritos will make up the core of the menu: giant tortillas filled with a mixture of Mission-style burrito ingredients such as beans, rice and meat as well as a range of more exotic and exciting combinations, including South African flavours of boerewors and chakalaka.

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Michele explains, “Our Four15 culture has been largely inspired by the Mission District in San Francisco: The food is messy, the people loud, the art intense and, most importantly, there is a remarkable sense of community. These are all the qualities you will find when you become part of the Four15 ‘familia’.”

In addition to the unique food offering, Four15 will also be introducing the “fast casual” dining concept to Durban. Although already well known in the United States, this dining concept hasn’t yet been established in South Africa.

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“As our lifestyle changes, so too do our needs when it comes to eating out. People want to do things in their own time – whether they have 5 minutes or 2 hours. For people in a hurry (especially for parents with young children), waiting for staff to get your cheque, find change or sort out a card machine can ruin an evening,“ says Michele. “You will never have that problem at Four15”.

Four15 opens its doors at 41 Mackeurtan Avenue on Thursday, 17 September 2015 at 11.30am.  There will be various festivities throughout the day, including complimentary cocktails and exciting giveaways. To reserve a table, email

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