Spaghetti doughnuts? We have follow-up questions

What defines a doughnut? Is it the light and fluffy interior, the crispy golden outside or the glossy icing? Or is it just a round shape with a hole in the middle? Whatever your feelings, Pop Pasta’s spaghetti doughnut is sure to make you question them.

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The base is prepared as traditional pasta is, with spaghetti, seasoning, sauce and varying vegetables. Cheese and eggs are added before it’s shaped into a doughnut mould, then baked. At present there are six different flavours: bolognese, carbonara, zucchini, red sauce and aglio e olio.

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Pop Pasta thinks their spaghetti doughnuts are a necessary innovation: a snack for picnics that only requires one hand to eat, and something Instagram-worthy to get at the market (currently available at the Smorgasmburg markets in New York). They’re smaller than a plate of pasta but, we assume, more filling than a real doughnut.

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However, we have questions, and the main one is simply: Why? What was wrong with eating pasta from a plate with a fork? Who decided that the problem with spaghetti was that it was too gloriously saucy and needed to be solidified? Why is a limit being placed on the portion size of our pasta? And, most importantly, when can we get these in South Africa? (We’d just like to check in case they are, in fact, good.)

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