Iconic Stellenbosch restaurant SCHOON to evolve yet again

Seven years ago, a little bakery called Oude Bank Bakkerij made a name for itself in Stellenbosch with some pretty spectacular bread. Since then, the little bakery evolved into SCHOON, a fully fledged restaurant, wine boutique and coffee roaster with glorious ice cream and moreish café food. Now, husband and wife team Fritz and Chanelle Schoon have announced plans to change things up a little. The business is set to relocate to new, bigger premises, and focus more on the bread offering. There is also talk of an experimental kitchen, confectionary and small outlet shops.

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As for Schoon’s current premises on the corner of Bird and Church Street in Stellenbosch, the property is changing hands and is set to become part of the Boschendal wine and food stable. Says CEO Rob Lundie, “We are looking forward to continuing the great business and hospitality that Fritz and Chanelle have built on a foundation of serving and selling naturally produced and artisanal food. We certainly won’t be messing with a successful formula and Stellenbosch locals can expect to continue enjoying their favourite food and flavours.” Boschendal has had a relationship with the Schoons for some time, as supplier of fresh, sustainable vegetables to the business.

The Boschendal team can’t reveal any more of its plans just yet, but will take over the reins on 1 March, and will close towards the end of July for the official rebranding.

As for the Schoons, they will take a short break to focus on the arrival of their daughter, and to plan the next phase in the SCHOON business. Said Fritz, “Our customers have given purpose to our lives through their continuous support. They stuck with us through the good times and the challenging times. And there were plenty of both. We cannot thank them enough for this, from the bottom of our heart.”

Stay tuned for news of both!


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