A reminder that summer will come again: Thai ice cream rolls

It’s pretty cold in parts of SA today, folks. (You’d think the shock would be minimal – it’s July, after all.)

To combat the winter blues and try evoke a summery holiday feeling, we present to you this magical video of Thai ice cream rolls. Made by a vendor using cream, fresh fruit and/or Oreos, and a couple of tools resembling paint scrapers, these treats are chopped up, smoothed out and curled up into rolls right in front of you. (The freezing takes place in a matter of seconds on the chilled work surface.)

The icy dessert is popular at night markets in Phuket where temperatures are often still soaring in the mid-30s after sundown. (If you feel a craving coming on, check out our list of where to get creamy artisanal ice cream.)

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