‘Tis the season of giving – here’s how you can donate to the future of our restaurant industry

The festive season is here and for many, it’s a special and joyous time but for others, it can be incredibly confusing, expensive and challenging.

“Lockdown”, a word that we have heard every day and will probably continue to hear for many more months to come, has resulted in devastating restrictions which have led to the loss of loved ones, businesses, jobs and homes, all of which have impacted countless livelihoods in unimaginable ways. 

One of the things that this year has shown us and something that always seems to prevail during this season is our desire and need to reach out and help one another. Whether we do this to fulfil our own purpose and to bring meaning to our lives or because we care deeply about helping those less fortunate, acts of kindness have been plentiful in 2020.

What if your gift this year could tangibly change someone’s future for the better? 

The Eat Out Food School, set to commence on 15th February 2020, is raising funds to give historically disadvantaged youth a bright and fulfilling future in our local restaurant industry.

15 passionate students will be given a fully-funded seat in our Class of 2021. These students will not only gain valuable skills and training to thrive, but they will have access to knowledge and guidance from top industry experts.

We know times are incredibly tough however if you are in the position to assist, whether it be by making a financial contribution or volunteering your time, expertise or skills in one of our classes, you will help bring us closer to ensuring the sustainability of our projects for the years to come. 

It is vital that we can continue to bring opportunities to the youth and to nurture the future of an industry that we all love so much. Your gift has the power to help us do that. 

Visit to make a donation or contact to find out how you can offer your time and skills in 2021. 



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