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Later this year, we’ll be announcing the winners of the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Best Everyday Eateries. Get your vote in now by reviewing your favourite restaurants here. (Psst: there are some pretty cool prizes involved – including awesome knives from Tramontina and a year’s supply of Savanna Premium Cider.)


Marble (Rosebank)
Food was unbelievable; service was great and ambience was warm. Sounds like they were terrible when they opened up, but they sure as hell sorted out their act. Can definitely recommend it! Just make sure the credit card is paid off before you go.
– Albert Van der Wat


Tables at the windows offer a bird's eye view of Rosebank. Photo supplied.

Tables at Marble’s windows offer a bird’s eye view of Rosebank. Photo supplied.

Rosetta’s Bistro, Restaurant, Kitchen (Kempton Park)
I did the Mike Tyson challenge there and it was really fun. Food and atmosphere was amazing.
– Tuscani Ashley

Thunder Gun Steakhouse (Northcliff)
At the Thunder Gun you actually get your steak the way you want it. If it’s not done right, they’ll re-grill it to perfection. The caramelisation is perfect and the steaks don’t really need a sauce. Prices are perfect and no fancy uptown costs here.
– Alida Joubert

Turn ’n Tender (Bryanston)
Absolutely some of the best steak I’ve ever had! Friendly service and a good vibe. Love it!
– David Swanepoel

Turn 'n Tender

Rump steak at Turn ‘n Tender. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Vini’s Restaurant (Bedfordview)
Highly recommend this restaurant! Chef Mark in the kitchen makes the most delicious dishes! The service is brilliant and the lovely Kirsti ensures everything runs absolutely smoothly. Over a weekend there is live entertainment and it’s just the best vibe. Well done to Billy for this great venue and for providing consistent excellence. We always look forward to our next visit. It’s our favourite place!
– Cheryl Baars


Burger Bistro (Hazelwood)
Brilliant service and the food was exceptional – the different flavours on their burgers make for a unique taste, which is great. Keep up the good work.
– Lothar Schröder
Ambience: 4 stars, Service: 4 stars, Food: 5 stars

A monster burger and shake at Burger Bistro. Photo: supplied.

A monster burger and shake at Burger Bistro. Photo: supplied.

Burger Bistro (Villieria)
Burger Bistro reminds me of a migraine. I know that might not sound like a compliment, but hear me out. When you have a big headache you might think you have a migraine but when you have a migraine you know you are having a migraine and all the big headaches were just headaches and not migraines. In the same way if you have a great burger somewhere else you might think you are having the best burger in the world but when you have a Burger Bistro burger you know you are having the best burger in the word and all other burgers were just burgers. Therefore by going to Burger Bistro you don’t have to think it’s the best burger you are having, you will know it’s the best burger in the world you are having.
– Francois Myburgh
Ambience: 4 stars, Service: 4 stars, Food: 5 stars

Cattle Baron (Centurion)
Just love the peppercorn-encrusted steaks and good red wine. This restaurant always has a special place in my heart! Celebrated many a special event there! Keep it up!
– Pieter Claassens

Capital Craft (Centurion)
The bonemarrow burger at Capital Craft is so amazing! The delicious handmade burger patty with the saucey bonemarrow sauce complement each other so well. It melts in your mouth! The buns are crisp and the burgers are massive. I always recommend this burger to anyone that visits Capital Craft and I always get the same reply when they do “definitely the best burger they have ever had”. The cherry on top is that you can have a delicious craft beer to end off the amazing burger experience!
– Luciana Rodriguez

Capital Craft Beer Academy. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Capital Craft Beer Academy. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.


Breakers (Uvongo)
They have very good food and friendly service; very rare to find these days.
– Dawn Nel
Ambience: 4 stars, Service: 4 stars, Food: 5 stars

Jaxx (Umtentweni)
This is a five-star place. I love their food; it’s top quality and service always excellent. My new fave place to go. See you soon.
– Dawn Nel

Just so Chinese (Margate)
Very good Chinese food and friendly hosts.
– Dawn Nel

Pop-up Society (Glenwood)
Pop-up Society is an incredible little gem nestled away on Davenport Road in Glenwood, KZN, and is home to the most incredible milkshakes (crazyshakes) and burgers. Rev, the head chef and owner, takes so much care for the food he adds to the menu, which also follows the “pop-up” theme. The menu is forever changing and evolving, for example, sneaky crab curry or spitbraais on Sundays. All in all, great food, great people, great vibes.
– Thayne Flanagan

Trattoria Casa Mia (Umtentweni)
Most definitely the best pizzas on the coast, and the pasta is good.
– Dawn Nel

Cape Town

Belthazar (V&A Waterfront)
Mouth-watering steaks, beef and lamb ribs. They are the biggest wine-by-the-glass bar in the world. I had juicy lamb ribs with a bottle of Oldenburg Shiraz recommended by their wine sommelier. Fantastic service and the most amazing ambience; will definitely return here.
– Fernando Peters

Copper Club Eatery (Newlands)
Delicious burgers and pizzas at this unpretentious place in Newlands. Loved the onion rings and sweet-potato fries. Reasonably-priced wine list. Only downside is the acoustics – when full, it’s hard to hear your dining companions.
– Kelly Cloete

inside at Copper Club Eatery

Inside the Copper Club on Dean St. Photo supplied.

Hudson’s (Claremont)
Never disappoints, mouth watering eats, great service and relaxed atmosphere… 5 stars aren’t enough.
– Jayd Links

Royale Eatery (Cape Town CBD)
I was in CT for business and a friend told me I had to try Royale. It changed my life! The Sweet Petunia is out of this world. The most incredible beef patties and combinations. The staff are very friendly and accommodating.
– Chev Nagiah

Burgers at Royale Eatery. Photo supplied.

Burgers at Royale Eatery. Photo supplied.

SMAK Delicatessen (Cape Town CBD)
I’m a regular customer and will never stop coming to SMAK! Friendliest and most efficient staff, the best food, and great service! Will never get bored of your coffees and my daily crunchie.
– Tessel Pool

The cheesecake at SMAK. Photo supplied.

The cheesecake at SMAK. Photo supplied.


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