These waffle cone creations are (almost) too pretty to eat

With the influx of wacky ice-cream vessels filling our Instagram feed (read: doughnut cone, ice cream sandwiches and churro bowls), we didn’t think there was any room left in the world for another wondrous frozen dairy-filled confection. Oh, how we were wrong. Introducing the prettiest ice cream cone in all the land, the Eggloo waffle cone all the way from New York.

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Eggloo, a dessert shop in New York’s Chinatown, tops these golden egg waffles (a popular spherical egg-based waffle snack in Hong Kong) with ice cream and an abundance of unicorn-coloured toppings. The waffles come in three different flavours: original, matcha green tea and chocolate.

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Once you’ve chosen your flavour, the waffle is cooked to order and filled with your pick of ice cream – vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Now comes the fun bit: these treats are then topped with a rainbow of whimsical toppings like fruity pebbles, cookies and cream, M&Ms, condensed milk, fortune cookies and chocolate-covered pretzel sticks.

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Just look at them.

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Apparently Eggloo also does savoury versions like pizza or Chinese sausage and chives. Shut up and take our money.

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