Watch: 5 cocktails at Cape Town’s cutting-edge cocktail bar, Outrage of Modesty

Outrage of Modesty cocktail

The Hot and Cold Nitro cocktail by Outrage of Modesty. Photo supplied.

If you wander down Shortmarket Street in Cape Town, look for the unmarked door just up from House of Machines. Climb an unreasonably dark set of stairs, and you’ll stumble into another world of high-end cocktails. We visit Outrage of Modesty to meet its brand-new barman and try a cocktail – or five.

Greg Seider is the owner of New York hotspots The Manhattan Cricket Club and The Summit Bar, and author of cocktail bible Alchemy in a Glass. He also makes a damn incredible cocktail.

Watch as Greg shows us how to make a cocktail featuring bourbon, cinnamon agave, IPA beer and Scotch, plus a margarita crossed with a Bloody Mary, amongst other things.

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