What’s going on our Christmas table this year

As we gear up for one of the most popular food days of the year, we thought we’d share our Christmas food picks. Whether you generally spend the day with friends or relatives, there’s bound to be a giant feast on the cards that’s been in planning for months. And if you’re one of those last-minute ninjas that pulls your menu together on the day and could use some inspiration, take a look at what our team will be putting on the Christmas table this year.

Romy Wilson – Videographer @romywilson_ct
“We’ll kick things off with my sister’s famous gravlax for starters. My husband is going to make rye bread to accompany this (I fear for my kitchen). We’ll also be having Abigail Donnelly’s duck fat roast potatoes, and my mother’s trifle that has so much booze in it we’ll have to Uber home.”

Tessa Purdon – Editor @tessapurdon
“Our Christmas table is incomplete without a jar of my mom’s famous sweet mustard sauce. It’s moreish and great on everything, but especially on her gammon. She rears her own Duroc pigs, which produce the most amazing pork. I’ll be making some gorgeous sides – loads of vibrant veggies, salads laden with zingy dressings and probably some stuffing bites, which are irresistible.”

Festive gammon

Katy Rose – Social media and digital content specialist @katys_table
“We will be eating a classic glazed gammon, and a new recipe this year: paprika-rubbed rump picanha on the braai done medium-rare. I also bake a Paul Hollywood bread roll recipe with fresh rosemary. I’ll be making Dianne Bibby’s no-bake caramel walnut chocolate tart recipe for dessert because I can make it the day before.”

Bianca Jones – Editorial assistant @bianca.jns
“We are definitely having roasted potatoes (in mass amounts). Perhaps also this vegetarian nut loaf, as it’s something different, and then we’ll serve salmon. I love a good broccoli and avocado salad, so there’ll be a fresh salad as well.”

A festive vegan nut loaf. Photo supplied by Illanique van Aswegen.

Nikita Buxton – Associate editor @nikitabuxton
“This year (and every year) there will be a constant supply of delicious local MCC to keep things festive, as well as some poolside G&Ts. We’re not big on turkey or gammon, so a whole chicken on the braai is what we go for. The main event includes my mom’s golden roast potatoes, which basically take up both ovens, and then my Ottolenghi-inspired bubbling mustard cauli cheese – the secret touch is some curry powder, and it’s pure genius!”

Lindsay September – Content producer and copy editor @cakeandconcealer
“My mother’s traditional Christmas trifle is a must, filled with booze, nuts, cherries and everything festive. We’re trying to keep the stress to a minimum by keeping it super low-key this year and the rules are strict: meats are the hero, with two sides only. And yes, one of those is most certainly the most golden roasted potatoes.”

Orange trifle

Adelle Horler – Editor in chief @adellehorler
“We’ve had a traditional northern hemisphere Christmas lunch for as long as I can remember: a roast, gammon, veggies, potatoes and gravy – which is completely crazy in our climate. So this year we’re changing it up completely, with gazpacho to start, then fish and prawns on the braai. Roast potatoes, though, are still on the menu – some things are just too good to change.”

Photo by Clint Bustrillos on Unsplash

Lauren Josephs – Managing editor @lauren_adelaine_josephs
“This year we’re filling the table with the usual suspects: glazed gammon, leg of lamb, rice, roast potatoes and fried chicken (my late dad’s recipes), cauliflower and broccoli covered in cheese, and roasted butternut. For dessert, we’ll have trifle and Peppermint Crisp tart and of course we’ll also keep some Tin Roof ice cream stashed in the freezer. The above spread is somewhat of a tradition in our home and since my Dad’s passing away in March, we’d still like to stick to this tradition, especially when it comes to adding his roast potatoes and fried chicken into the mix!”

Ilse Kleinsmidt – Content producer @love_ilse_
“I am looking forward to some black pepper-crusted beef fillet with mushroom blue cheese sauce. My fondest Christmas memories all feature servings of melt-in-your-mouth fillet drizzled with lashings of creamy blue-cheese sauce. It’s an incredibly nostalgic dish – I remember the first time it became a Christmas table tradition, and it’s been a highlight ever since.” 

Jeanine Boshoff – Group account director @j.e.a.n.i.n.e.b
“My vegan menu for this year has been inspired by the group of eclectic and very colourful humans that I will get together to celebrate Christmas with. There’ll be a festive smorgasbord with fruits and dips. I’ll make a variety of salads, including a toasted chickpea one featuring everything from caramelised onions to harissa sauce and a lemon-and-mint dressing. On the drinks menu: boozy popsicles (lemon and mint, pomegranate and elderflower, and grapefruit and thyme), MCC (throughout the day) and Old Fashioneds.

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