Who said healthy has to be boring?

The latest Woolworths TASTE magazine, now on sale, comes with a fab extra section this issue – ‘The Little Healthy Entertaining Book’.

TASTE asked the Eat Out Johnnie Walker Top Ten chefs and restaurants to reveal their favourite healthy recipes and the result is this visually beautiful 28-page booklet.

Here’s a sneak preview. To read more about the other eight chefs and their recipes, get the latest issue of TASTE, on-sale now at Woolworths and Exclusive Books stores…

Frederic Leloup, Auberge Michel, Johannesburg
An expert in all things fine and French, Frederic has been tantalising the taste buds of the upper crust for years.

Do you believe in eating or drinking away a cold?
Absolutely. When I have a sore throat, I boil fresh bay leaves in water and use it to rinse my throat. Success is guaranteed! (If not, complain to the old people of France…)
What’s your favourite smell?
Fresh soil mixed with potatoes as I dig them out of the ground.
If you were a fruit, what would you be?
A cherry – always on top of everything.

Marinated salmon and chanterelle spring rolls with honey, soy and lemon-grass dressing.

Salmon Elana Marinated Frederic

Elana Sabharwal, co-owner Haiku
Arguably South Africa’s best Asian restaurant, Haiku is home to an astounding variety of exquisite Eastern tapas – from steamed dumplings and Peking duck to wok chilli mushroom beef and softly seared tuna.

What’s your idea of a healthy meal?
A low-fat, balanced meal that consists of a low-GI starch (like basmati rice), omega-3 fats (like raw or grilled salmon or tuna) and raw fresh vegetables or a green salad flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and low-starch soy sauce.
What is your favourite vegetable?
Bok choy – baby Chinese cabbage.

Salmon Bowl

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