Stuck in the office? How to spend your 67 minutes this Mandela Day

Haven’t yet planned how to spend your 67 minutes doing good this Mandela Day? If it’s caught you unaware, you’re all tied up for the whole day or you’re just looking for something simple yet effective, we have the solution. (And you can do it at night wrapped in a blanket while wearing slippers.)

Had a meal at Momo Soko recently? Let us know! Photo supplied.

Feed hungry children by spending your 67 minutes writing reviews of all the restaurants you’ve visited in the last few months. (Even better: make it a habit and do it every month.) For each one, we pledge a meal for a hungry child through Rise Against Hunger Africa. According to the University of Cape Town’s Children’s Institute, over 3 million children under the age of 17 are food insecure. RAH’s goal is to eradicate hunger in Africa and they focus their efforts on reaching hungry children. Included in each meal is rice, soya, and a fortification pack of 23 essential minerals and vitamins.

The Irish Coffee at 2017 Best Bistro winner, Carbon Bistro

The Irish coffee at 2017 Best Bistro winner, Carbon Bistro. Photo supplied.

The fastest way to write a review is by using our app. You can also use it to find restaurants and make bookings. Each review helps your favourite spot be considered for the 2018 Best Everyday Eateries. Plus, writing a review before 31 August puts you in line to win a Le Creuset casserole!

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