Cavatelli pasta with a broccoli velvet sauce and oregano flowers

Cape-based chef and restaurateur Giorgio Nava won the World Pasta Championships with this simple recipe. A traditional style of pasta made in Puglia, Italy, it's seasoned with anchovies, broccoli, tomatos and fresh oregano flowers.

Serves: 4 people


320g of cavatelli barilla or short pasta
1 head of broccoli with leaves
2 cloves garlic
6 anchovies
4 slices of old bread
100ml extra virgin olive oil
4-5 dry tomatoes
fresh oregano flowers
salt and pepper


Boil the broccoli and leaves in salted water. When soft place it in salted ice water to stop it from cooking and to maintain a beautiful green colour.

Heat oil in a frying pan with one, sliced, garlic clove and 4 anchovies – stir until melted.

Remove the garlic and add the bread cut into cubes. Fry until crispy.

Blend the broccoli with 2 anchovies, olive oil, salt and pepper until soft and creamy; add broccoli cooking water if necessary. Place this cream in the frying pan with the bread.

Cook the pasta in the broccoli cooking water until al dente. Drain the pasta and mix gently with the broccoli cream for one minute.

Place the broccoli leaves in a pasta bowl first and then add the pasta. Top this with thinly sliced dry tomatoes, bread cubes and oregano flowers before serving.

Read more about Giorgio’s win, or visit one of his Cape Town restaurants: 95 Keerom, Carne SA, Mozzarella Bar, Caffe Milano and Down South Food Bar.

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