Grilled rye crostini with roasted peppers, broad beans and ricotta

Sweet roasted peppers, creamy ricotta and broad beans: this vegetarian sandwich makes the perfect autumn lunch or pretty, rustic starter.

Serves: 4


2 red peppers
4 large slices rye bread
1 punnet of shelled broad beans
100 g ricotta
2 tablespoons soft sundried tomatoes
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper


Braai peppers over hot coals till blistered all over. Place in a bowl, cover with clingwrap and let them steam for 15 minutes. Peel over the bowl to retain the juices. Brush the bread with olive oil and toast over medium coals till toasted. Blanch broad beans in boiling salted water for two minutes. Strain and toss with 15 ml olive oil. To serve, stack the toasted rye with peppers, beans and ricotta, and drizzle with pepper juices and sliced sundried tomatoes.

Recipe by Abigail Donnelly. Courtesy of Mediclinic family. For more healthier recipe ideas, view the digital magazine here.

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