Hennessy Caipirinha

Hennessy cocktail

The host of the 2016 Summer Games, Brazil is also the birthplace of the Caipirinha, a delightfully refreshing cocktail that is surprisingly simple to make. Equal parts smooth, strong, and sweet, Caipirinha’s are traditionally made from three key ingredients: lime, sugar, and cachaça. Hennessy’s take on this national favorite swaps out the cachaça for Hennessy V.S to add body and interest. A simple orange twist complements the lively and robust flavors in the cognac. Before you know it, the Hennessy Caipirinha will have your hips swaying to a breezy bossa nova in the Copacabana sun.


1/2 a lime quartered
37.5ml Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège
12.5 ml simple syrup or a spoonful of sugar with a splash of soda water
Orange twist to garnish


Place 4 slices of lime in the bottom of a rocks glass and muddle to extract all juice and essential oils. Add all other liquids with ice and stir to mix all ingredients together. Garnish with an orange twist.

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