Ice Queen cocktail

Ice Queen cocktail

This cocktail perfectly encompasses all that is ‘vetur’. ‘Vetur’ is the Icelandic word for winter. In vetur, Iceland transforms into a strikingly beautiful winter wonderland, with the added excitement of a potential Northern Lights sighting in the evening. The Ice Queen cocktail is simple to make and it’s core (Reyka, of course), is created from the resourceful use of lava rock and glacier spring water.


1 ½ parts Reyka vodka
½ part Art in the Age Rhubarb
1 part strawberry-white balsamic shrub
1 part lemon juice
½ part simple syrup


Combine equal parts fresh strawberry puree, white balsamic cream and pure cane sugar. Mix and strain through chinois.

For champagne foam

Fill cream charger with 10¼ parts decarbonated champagne or prosecco of choice and 3½ parts pasteurised egg white. Close lid, charge with cream charger, shake and chill.

To assemble

Shake and strain into chilled coupe. Top with champagne foam.

Garnish with cracked pepper and strawberry slice.

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