Moema’s halloumi and cucumber salad

This beautifully fresh and tasty salad recipe is from Moema’s in Parktown North. “The dressing is full of flavour and can be used for a number of different salads,” says chef Danielle Postma.

Serves: 15 people


400g Halloumi cheese
1435 g cucumber
350g cherry tomatoes
230g fennel
35g parsley
160g olive oil
200g mustard seed dressing
300g white mustard seeds
1250g white vinegar
700g castor sugar


For the dressing: toast the mustard seeds in a medium hot pan, add the vinegar and sugar and reduce slightly. Allow to cool completely.

Roast the halloumi in a hot oven for 20 mins until golden and leave to cool.

Slice cucumber, fennel and tomatoes. Add dressing (you’ll only need about a third of it for this salad) and season to taste.

Tip: you can also add thinly sliced kohlrabi or daikon, shaved fennel or coleslaw. Note that this is a bulk recipe, designed to feed about 15, so scale down accordingly.

Recipe by Moema’s in Parktown North.

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