Welsh rarebit on ciabatta with mature cheddar

Beer, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and a sprinkling of parsley take this grilled cheese recipe to the next level.


2 slices ciabatta toast
Chopped flat-leaf parsley
200g grated mature cheddar
225g mature cheddar
1 tablespoon butter
2tsp Worcestershire sauce
2tsp flour
1tsp Dijon mustard
4 tablespoons beer


Mix the cheese, flour, Worcestershire sauce, mustard and butter together. Add the beer and heat gently over low heat. Grate mature cheddar cheese and place on top of ciabatta toast. Spoon over sauce and sprinkle some more grated mature cheddar. Grill and serve with the parsley.

Recipe by David Williams, head complex executive chef at Montecasino

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