Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Reviewed by Deanne Hunter

I've had this restaurant on my list since last year so was really looking forward to my meal.
I went there for lunch in mid Feb 2014 ... oh what a disappointment. The ceviche was so coarse and chunky that none of the flavours actually filtered down into the fish (not that there was much lime, chilli or any other flavour to start with). The only thing with any flavour were the chunks of onion. My husband had a meat dish (served on a kebab stick) - it was so bad I forgot to even take note of the name of the dish. The meat had a very strong liver taste (really poor quality liver at that) and no, it was not meant to be liver, it was definitely meant to be a cut of beef. It had an unpleasant flavour and was very tough.
We didn't bother to order mains as the starters were of such poor quality. We drank our wine (thankfully they carry one good wine label - Springfield) paid our bill and left.... NEVER TO RETURN!
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