SŸN @ 47

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Reviewed by Frankie Breda

One thing I look for as a diner and very few places can satisfy my spirit of adventure, is the same sensation that you would get from the comforting ideas you would between the gentle pages of a book. Ideas on a plate. A story. Inspiration to move mountains. Soul shaking food. SŸN is my latest literary (foodie) addiction. Not only is their wait staff knowledgeable and attentive to detail, ready to guide you through the myriad or rabbit holes created by the ambience of art (all acquired and appraised by our locals,) the food takes you on an adventure around the world with a palate of a travelled seasoned chef garni'd with The Creators' personal flare and touch, of which You —the Diner— are the main protagonist. Bombarded by an orgasmic waves of sensory over-load and plot twists that befuddles the line of traditional dining The SŸNNERS leave you with bittersweet longing for more adventures! Thankfully they're still in their popup phases (a juicy prequil, if you will), so rest assured we'll see more of The SŸNNERS journey and how deep the rabbit hole goes....
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