The biggest, boldest and best burgers in South Africa

Later this year we’ll be announcing the restaurants that will take home the title of 2017 Eat Out Savanna Best Burger Eatery. Cast your vote now by reviewing your favourite burger joint, and you could win Savanna Premium Cider for a year! To make your choice a little easier, we’ve narrowed down a list of great burger joints across SA. If you like your burgers big, juicy, and laden with so much sauce that it drips down between your fingers and runs to the wrists, then you’re in for a treat. (Click on the restaurant names to review your favourites now.)




After kicking things off with some tableside guacamole or mac ’n cheese croquettes, roll those sleeves up for a burger feast. All burgers here are made using free-roaming veld-fed beef, and are served perfectly pink. Go for the popular The Player burger with streaky bacon, feta and avo (R105 for 250g), or keep it cheesy with The Fancy Cheese topped with double cheddar cheese, truffle-cheese sauce and all the trimmings (R84 for 250g). If you’re more of a chicken fan, The Ranch burger will please, with its peri-peri chicken breast topped with mayo and lettuce and served with dusted onion rings. The sides are all served separately here, but include the dreamy Disco Fries with peri-peri and mozzarella, battered onion rings, sweet-potato fries and the fresh Liberty Slaw with feta, olives, kidney beans, chickpeas and sweetcorn.

sliders prepared and served at Hudsons

Hudsons burger selection. Photo by Claire Gunn Photography.


This vibey diner-style restaurant is famous for its affordable and zany Smashburgers. Build your own or try the bacon, cheese and guac Smashburger with aged cheddar and smoky mayo (R60), or the Mushroom Swizz with delicious sautéed mushrooms and emmenthal cheese (R58). For the extra-hungry, there’s the Chilli Cheez Bomb, topped off with bacon, a cheese bomb, aged cheddar, mozzarella, fresh chilli and chilli mayo (R66).


Beefcakes Burger Bar (Illovo)

When you want really great results, you have to go to a really great pub and burger bar. A favourite from this eatery (highly commended in the burger category for Gauteng at the 2015 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Best Everyday Eateries) is the Wham-Bam burger (R95). It puts paid to the saying ‘less is more’, with bacon, avo and mozzarella creating the perfect chemistry. Thank you, ma’am!

Burger and cocktails at Beefcakes

Burger and cocktails at Beefcakes. Photo supplied.

Craft (Parkhurst)

For those who do really want less, Craft’s Less the Bread beef burger (R149) is recommended, made with a grilled cauliflower rösti, a 200g pure beef patty, avocado, spicy pineapple coulis, shallots and a courgette fritter. Sweet-potato fries come as a side, with aioli for dunking.

A saucy burger at Craft in Parkhurst. Photo supplied.

A saucy burger at Craft in Parkhurst. Photo supplied.

Daleah’s (Braamfontein)

What would happen if a burger and a prego roll had a baby? Daleah’s beef slider answers this hypothetical with an emphatically exciting response in the form of its chicken prego slider, a chicken fillet with spicy tomato sauce inside two mini slider rolls, served with a side of fries or salad. R80 gets you your fix.

Duke’s Burgers (Greenside)

While Duke’s does serve the most sumptuous and finest-quality beef, lamb and chicken burgers, there is one that stands out as one of the best vegetarian burgers you’ll have in the city: The Cleopatra (R79), a Mediterranean-inspired flavour feast comprising a falafel patty, hummus, cherry tomato and red onion salsa, and tahini. You can opt for a vegan option and/or a wheat-free bun.

A burger at Duke's Burgers. Photo supplied.

A burger at Duke’s Burgers. Photo supplied.

Great Burger Company (Illovo)

A seared ahi (yellowfin) tuna steak, basted with teriyaki, grilled pineapple, pickled ginger and wasabi mayo gives this burger a memorable kick, making all your senses hum with delight as you savour the flavours. (R90 for single; R140 for double.) Sides are served separately, with some low-GI and ciabatta buns available as options.

A burger and milkshake at the Great Burger Company. Photo supplied

A burger and milkshake at the Great Burger Company. Photo supplied.

The Shadowboxer (Greenside)

Basil, king of herbs, finds its way into The Shadowboxer’s Basil Pesto burger, a flavour explosion of either a chicken or beef fillet with basil pesto mayo, crispy bacon, Danish feta, shakshuka sauce, caramelised onion, thyme and rocket. This is the no-holds-barred burger in the heavyweight category of the WBA (world burger association). It’s available at a knock-out price of R94.

Society Eatery & Craft Bar (Fourways)

It all comes down to the protein when judging the quality of a burger. Society raises the bar with the Wagyu burger, topped with garlic aioli, melted cheddar, tomato and red-onion salsa. It’ll set you back R110, but it’s worth every cent.

The Taphouse (Parkhurst)

Whatever people may say, pineapple absolutely belongs on a pizza – and it’s even better on a burger! The Prime Pine (R89), with a 200g beef patty, bacon, cheddar, mozzarella and masala-spiced grilled pineapple, is the stuff of exotic holiday-resort dreams.


Blos Café (Faerie Glen)

Good luck choosing a burger from this menu, which offers everything from the simple to the sublime. The Gourmet Burger might be a fine start, which sees the restaurant’s 200g rump patty topped with caramelised fig, bacon and brie, or perhaps the Roosterkoek Bobotie Burger, on which the patty is served on a home-made roosterkoek with a topping of gooseberry compote, masala onion, tomato and lettuce. The Valentine Burger is also a contender, topped with guacamole, glazed bacon, dukkah-dusted onion rings, melted brie, peppered cranberry jam and rocket. (R78 to R110)

Burger Bistro (Clubview)

Offering out-of this-world milkshakes, ridiculously moreish hand-cut chips, and big, bold burgers, this lively joint, with its rock ’n roll theme, never disappoints. A great selection of burgers suits various tastes, including a veggie burger and a banting burger, with prices ranging from R55.50 to R125.50. New on the menu is the intimidating Mike Tyson: five 200g patties topped with cheddar and bacon and plenty of sauce. (On special currently, it comes with chips and a 500ml draught or milkshake for R199). If you can finish Mike in 30 minutes, they’ll let you keep the limited-edition Burger Bistro knife they serve with it. Challenge accepted!

The cheesy burger at Burger Bistro. Photo supplied.

The Mike Tyson at Burger Bistro. Photo supplied.

Carlton Café Delicious (Menlo Park)

Although Carlton Café offers one burger only, it is so well crafted and generous that no other need be considered. To make the Beef BBQ Burger, a hand-made, pure beef patty is expertly grilled to your preference, topped with a generous amount of gouda and mozzarella cheese (melted, of course), crispy pancetta and caramelised red onions, stacked on a hand-made tahini bun and served with shoestring potato chips and Carlton Café’s own smoky tomato-barbecue sauce. Yes, it is as phenomenal as it sounds. (R95)

DK Burger (Waterkloof Ridge)

This gourmet burger bar uses only free-range meat and everything – even the ketchup – is made from scratch. Favourites include the lamb burger, which is served with olive tapenade, rosemary aioli, rocket and red onion marmalade, and the Wagyu beef option, which comes topped with rocket, mature cheddar and caramelised onion. There is also a Salmon burger, which sees a salmon patty dressed with ginger, garlic, chilli and wasabi mayo and slipped onto a toasted sesame bun. Sides do not come standard, and cost a little extra, but are well worth it. They also have a stupendous craft beer selection that’s a full page long. (R49 to R129)

A burger at DK burger. Photo supplied.

A burger at DK burger. Photo supplied.

Fleisherei Bistro (Centurion)

This relatively new bistro serves juicy and expertly grilled patties with just the perfect amount of toppings on a sweet bun. Honestly, the burger is so tender you can’t tell where bun begins and patty ends. Try the Rockefeller, which comes with gorgonzola, onion marmalade and barbecue sauce, or the Hangover, a monstrous offering topped with mushrooms, bacon, fried egg, cheese sauce and red-onion marmalade. The Buttermilk Chicken also deserves a mention, dripping with chilli mayo and topped with jalapeño, cabbage and gherkin slaw. For those who prefer the more traditional, try The Big TLC: bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar. You have a choice of salad or fries, too. An added bonus for families is the children’s play area, which is large and filled with plenty of great climbing and playing equipment. The kiddies’ menu is also a winner. (R79 to R110)

TriBeCa Original (Brooklyn Mall)

Tribeca’s menu features five burgers and you can choose your side: herb salad, onion rings or rosemary-salt fries. We suggest the Big Brooklyn Burger: a double patty with PLT (pickles, lettuce and tomato), caramelised onions, bacon, American cheddar and mushroom crème. Good luck finishing this one! Also recommended is the Standard Chicken Burger (though far from standard): a marinated grilled chicken breast topped with caramelised onions, spicy pineapple and avocado. The pineapple is fresh, its sweet flavour complementing the mildly spicy chilli sauce beautifully. (R98 to R128)

Wise Crax (Highveld)

This easy-dining spot offers both classic burgers and designer burgers, the latter giving the option of a stuffed patty for R12 extra – choose from cream cheese and jalapeños; blue cheese; bacon and cheddar; or guacamole and tangy mayo. The menu cheekily includes the Nnnnkaaaandlaa Burger, which is topped with cheese, bacon, avocado, egg, red onion, tomato, gherkins, rocket and tangy mayo. There is a note alongside saying, ‘No fire pool included’. Mouths full, we chuckle with glee. (R69 to R95).


Pop-up Society (Glenwood)

While the crazy shakes are a serious drawcard here, this eatery is also known for toppling gourmet burgers, which come flame grilled and served with fries, beer-battered onion rings and a lightly toasted bun. You can also opt for one of three sauces: cheese, mushroom or chilli. Try the best-selling Pop-up hamburger with a garlic lamb patty, cheddar cheese, Asian slaw and onion marmalade (R79), or the chef’s choice of a boneless pork-rib patty with flame-grilled pineapple (R89). Really ravenous? Try the double-stacked beef or ostrich patty (or one of each) topped with biltong shavings, back bacon, an egg, and onion marmalade (R99).

An OTT burger from Pop-Up Society. Photo supplied.

An OTT burger from Pop-Up Society. Photo supplied.

Republik (Durban North)

This popular spot is bringing gourmet casual dining to the sunny city’s foodie scene. Republik offers free-range burgers that are all made with 100% grass-fed beef that was free to roam, and free of hormones and routine antibiotics. Build your own option with toppings like jalapeños, camembert, tomato-chilli chutney, bacon jam or pickled red onions, or the signature Republik 6.0 with 180g free-range beef patty with bacon, cheesy risotto, chilli-chocolate sauce, and bacon (R85).

A cheese-smothered burger at Republik. Photo supplied.

A cheese-smothered burger at Republik. Photo supplied.

S43 (Morningside)

Set in trendy Station Drive, this brewery offers a relaxed, stylish backdrop for craft beer and burgers. Chow down on the Venison burger with beer- and maple-glazed bacon, braised onions and mature cheddar (R95), the Durban burger with spiced pineapple, bacon, mature cheddar and an Island style dressing (R85), or the Umami burger with gorgonzola, port reduction, grilled pears and umami sprinkles (R85).

Smokin’ Joes (Musgrave)

This funky burger joint has an ever-changing menu. Opt for a classic like the Royale with cheese (R50) or go for the gourmet Greatest of all Time burger (R120). The latter comes with a pure Wagyu beef patty with roasted rosa tomatoes, caramelised onions, mature cheddar, homemade ketchup and a brioche bun.

A saucy burger at Smokin' Joe's in Durban. Photo supplied.

A saucy burger at Smokin’ Joe’s in Durban. Photo supplied.

Surf Riders (Addington Beach)

The glorious beach sets the scene for an amazing array of gourmet burgers made using free-range, hormone-free and grass-fed beef. Options start with a Basic version (R69) and move on to Bacon and Cheese (R85); the Habanero (R80), topped with guacamole, pineapple salsa and a spicy sauce; and the Camemburger (R89) that combines melted cheese with balsamic jam and berry relish. The vegetarian Shroom burger (R69) has a large brown mushroom as a patty substitute and is just as meaty as the rest. If you’re after something a little extra, add honey-glazed bacon to the mix. The fries, smothered in an addictive cheese sauce, are the perfect accompaniment.

The camemburger at Surf Rider's. Photo supplied.

The camemburger at Surf Rider’s. Photo supplied.

Union Square (Durban North)

Situated on Adelaide Tambo Drive, this burger joint serves 100% pure-beef patties that are smashed then sizzled on the grill. There is a range of toppings from which to choose, such as the French Connection with blue-cheese dressing, caramelised onions and rocket; the Insanity burger with smoky mayo, crunchy red onions, crispy bacon and melted aged cheddar; and the El Mexicano with corn nachos, guacamole, jalapeños and chilli mayo (R65).

The New Yorker burger at Union Square. Photo supplied.

The New Yorker burger at Union Square. Photo supplied.

Unity (Morningside)

Unity has a good burger selection that’s best washed down with one of the local craft beers. Sink your teeth into a standard Midlands beef burger with tomato, pickles, lettuce and mayo (R80). Or take it to the next level with the combo of bacon, avo and feta (R90) or blue cheese, onion marmalade and rocket (R99). There’s also the Mexican burger for those looking for a little heat. This is topped with cheddar, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños and tomato salsa (R105). For simpler tastes there’s a chicken burger and the veg burger with a chickpea-and-feta patty (R75).

The bacon, avo and feta burger at Unity. Photo supplied.

The bacon, avo and feta burger at Unity. Photo by Shirley Berko.

VB’s (Virginia Beach)

VB’s is a super-casual outlet on Virginia Beach, where burgers in various gourmet guises are prepared in a caravan and devoured at tables in the sand. The burgers are composed of 100% beef patties and served on lightly toasted Portuguese buns with a fresh salad and crispy fries. Options include the classic cheeseburger with cheddar and mozzarella (R55.90), the Sloppy Joe burger (R59), or the Mozambican burger with a spicy rub and homemade peri-peri sauce (R59.90).

Cape Town

Banks Burger (Newlands)

This trendy burger bar offers stylish fast food minus the bad stuff. Customers can choose from three different burger sizes: single, double, and triple – for the extra-hungry. House-ground beef patties are propped up on homemade buns with all the trimmings, including home-made ketchup, cheese and a Banks Burger secret sauce. Avoiding gluten? They’ve got you covered with a bunless option. There’s also a falafel burger for vegetarians. Very reasonable prices range from R46 to R80.


A burger at Banks Burger. Photo by Chris Chase.

Burger & Lobster (City Bowl)

All the elements of the glorious burger (R139) at this Bree Street haunt are made on site – the brioche buns, the cheese (a mild white cheddar and an American-style cheddar), and the patty from ground fillet steak. It’s a large, meaty creation, featuring maple bacon, and nicely cooked to medium rare as ordered. It’s served with a portion of golden fries and a delicious side salad.

The burger at Burger & Lobster. Photo supplied.

The burger at Burger & Lobster. Photo supplied.

Clarke’s (City Bowl)

While the Clarke’s menu has expanded in recent years, this American-style diner first rose to fame for its glorious burgers – and they still sell out fast. They comprise of buttery brioche buns, patties made from a blend of grass-fed cuts cooked pink and juicy, and a topping of Underberger cheese (R95). There’s also a zucchini-and-beet burger for the veggies. Burger extras include avo, crispy bacon and Clarke’s hot sauce.

The famous burger at Clarke's on Bree Street. Photo supplied.

The famous burger at Clarke’s on Bree Street. Photo supplied.

Craft Burger Bar (City Bowl and Sea Point)

This Sea Point burger bar has branched out and opened a second joint in town. The build-your-own-burger option (R69) allows you to enjoy a burger with your choice of patty, cheese and up to four toppings. The cheese options include Fairview blue, Danish feta, cheddar, mozzarella and camembert, while toppings may include lettuce, tomato, red onion, olive tapenade, gherkin, chillies, grilled pineapple, and sautéed onions. A selection of sauces (the barbecue sauce is insanely good), premium toppings and sides of chips, vegetables, deep-fried yams, fried onion rings or salad are available at an extra R19 each.

The Dog’s Bollocks (City Bowl)

This laid-back spot in what was once a garage is known for serving hefty burgers (R85) in some tasty combinations. Toppings include caramelised onions and cheddar, jalapeño and nacho cheese sauce, Italian meatball sauce, Prego sauce, blue cheese, and garlic and black pepper. There are also bunless options available for banters.

Hands for scale: the burgers at The Dog's Bollocks. Photo by Katharine Jacobs.

Hands for scale: the burgers at The Dog’s Bollocks. Photo by Katharine Jacobs.

Easy Tiger (Kalk Bay and Muizenburg)

This hatch offers easy-to-love burgers made with flame-grilled patties, brioche buns and melty yellow cheese. Order the Big Cheese burger (R62) with secret sauce and three-cheese sauce, or the Magic Mushroom burger (R60) with a glorious truffle-infused mushroom sauce. If you want to go all out, the Triple Bypass burger is topped with cheese, bacon, truffle sauce and secret sauce (R75). All the burgers can be served bunless if you’re looking to go carb-free, and there’s also the vegetarian Tree Hugger burger with aubergine and truffle-infused mushroom sauce (R55) if you’re forgoing meat.

The Eatery Wood Fired Grill (Claremont)

This meat-centric restaurant does a range of burgers with options of beef, chicken, ostrich or black mushroom patties that are all grilled on an open wood fire. Pick from options like the classic wood fired burger for R69; the Ranchero with bacon, double cheddar and spicy tomato relish (R92); or the Bra Figgy with brie cheese and sweet green figs (R98) All burgers are served with chips and buttermilk onion rings.

The Ranchero burger at The Eatery Wood Fired Grill. Photo supplied.

The Ranchero burger at The Eatery Wood Fired Grill. Photo supplied.

Eat Out the Box (Wynberg)

This Wynberg spot serves up great takeaway burgers for easy midweek meals. There’s a choice between regular or old school at prices ranging from R49 to R92. For a simpler option, try the American burger with cheddar cheese, or go for one of the top sellers such as The Hangover with balsamic onions, cheddar and bacon, or the Kamikaze with bacon, avo and wasabi mayo.

A burger from Eat Out the Box. Photo supplied.

A burger from Eat Out the Box. Photo supplied.

Engruna Eatery (Sea Point)

This neighbourhood gem serves up tasty burgers and craft beer. The made-to-order burgers feature a 180g or 200g patty and are served pink and juicy with home-made regular or sweet potato chips. Choose from options like the Classic burger with standard trimmings (R50), the Jalapeño burger with chilli relish, mature Underberg cheese and biltong shavings (R75); the Chorizo burger with grilled chorizo sausage, emmenthal and a homemade relish (R75); or the Lamb burger with tzatziki, hummus salsa, feta and a grilled onion and mint basting (R85). There’s even a Fish burger made with an angelfish fillet, Cajun spice and tartar sauce for those looking for a beef-free option (R85).

A burger and chips at Engruna. Photo supplied.

A burger and chips at Engruna. Photo supplied.

Franky’s Diner (Sea Point)

Waitresses wearing poodle skirts serve up breakfasts, burgers and double-thick shakes at this authentic 1950s diner. Tuck into some of the hefty retro burgers at any hour of the day (perfect for those late-night munchies), with favourites like the Sloppy Joe burger (R60) with barbecue sauce, the Classic beef with two patties (R110), and the infamous Chubby burger, which consists of six beef patties, bacon, cheese, jalapeños, fries, onion rings and coleslaw (R275).

The Franky's Chubby Challenge. Photo supplied.

The Franky’s Chubby Challenge. Photo supplied.

Gibson’s (V&A Waterfront)

The burger selection here is extensive: There’s a gourmet section, a designer section and the menu dubbed the Rolls Royce of Burgers. Purists might opt for the simple signature burger with all the trimmings (R90) or go for something a little more creative like the Cheese Connoisseur with gorgonzola and parmesan (R120). The Sunday Blues Brunch Burger is served with four toppings, including cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon and barbecue sauce (R135), and there’s also the Governor’s Deluxe Burger (R155). This hefty beauty is served with lashings of smoky barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, guacamole, and sweet mustard.

A burger from Gibson's. Photo supplied.

A burger from Gibson’s. Photo supplied.

Inside & You’re Out (City Bowl)

This vibey Bree Street spot is known for its grass-fed beef patties stuffed with cheese. The lengthy menu boasts favourites like the classic Quick Dip (R81) filled with smoked cheddar, topped with crispy sweet onions and a glorious IYO house dip (pork broth) for dunking; the Whiskey Braai-BQ (R99) stuffed with smoked cheddar and topped with bacon, avo and famous braai sauce; and the Dew Truffles stuffed with cheddar and topped with a creamy mushroom-and-truffle sauce (R106). Vegan patties of aubergine, flaxseed, sweet potato and cashew nuts are available as alternatives on any burger.

Burgers at IYO Burgers. Photo supplied.

Burgers at IYO Burgers. Photo supplied.

Jerry’s Burger Bar (Blouberg, Gardens, Observatory, Sea Point and Willowbridge)

This popular burger haunt is known for cheekily named buns and juicy bites. The Sweet Baby Cheeses is still one of the post popular picks and comprises of a juicy beef patty topped with slices of cheddar, Swiss cheese and a spicy cheese sauce, along with the standard pickle, slice of tomato, red onion rings and shredded lettuce (R94). For those on a budget, there’s the Cheapskate burger (R69) that comes with a home-made barbecue sauce, pickles and a mustard mayo. For something different, there are the stuffed burgers, the Frenchy with blue cheese sauce (R90), the Thai chicken burger (R86), or the Ramen burger sandwiched between two buns made from freshly cut ramen noodles and a shoyu glaze (R86).

A cheesy burger at Jerry's Burger Bar. Photo supplied.

A cheesy burger at Jerry’s Burger Bar. Photo supplied.

Junior (Tamboerskloof)

The soft, takeaway-style burgers at this stylish fast-casual joint are simple but tasty and, unlike those at most takeaway spots, they’re preservative-free. Try the regular burger with all the usual trimmings for R38, the double burger with two patties and two slices of melting cheese, pickle, tomato, onion, lettuce and the in-house tomato sauce (R58), or the bacon-and-cheese burger for R52. There’s also a veggie burger (R45), a tofu option (R45), and a fried chicken burger with pickles (R38). Order a side of cheesy fries and to finish off, an Oreo doughnut.

Mondiall Burger Bar (V&A Waterfront)

This burger hatch, quietly nestled on the opposite side of the main restaurant, is a perfect pit stop for hungry shoppers or tourists. The patties are made with 100% pure Angus beef and are served on a perfectly golden bun. There’s a classic cheese burger with cheddar cheese and all the trimmings (R65); a Double Trouble burger with two patties and double cheese (R85), and a changing burger of the week (R75). These could include exciting toppings like wild forest-mushroom duxelle, braised cabbage, fried tomato and crumbed aubergine, and even atchar.

A wagyu beef cheese burger at Mondiall. Photo supplied.

A wagyu beef cheese burger at Mondiall. Photo supplied.

Ragafellows (Hout Bay)

Innovative burgers are the star of the show here. Enjoy the simple Hugo burger with pickles and barbecue sauce (R80), or exciting favourites like the Mortimer burger with a beef patty, beef short rib cooked in red wine, blue cheese crumb and onions (R95); the Thaddeus with beef patty, mushroom ragu, mozzarella and a truffle dressing (R95); or the Bertram with a beef patty, chorizo-pulled pork, basil pesto and tomato (R94). For a bigger appetite, sink your teeth into the JJ de Villiers with double beef patties, potato rosti, onion rings, sliced pork belly, fried egg and barbecue sauce (R130). All burgers are served with smashed new potatoes or a side salad.

A burger at Hout Bay's Ragafellows. Photo supplied.

A burger at Hout Bay’s Ragafellows. Photo supplied.

Redemption Burgers (Woodstock)

Situated in the hip suburb of Woodstock is this burger joint that’s well known for craft burgers and good coffee. All burgers are served with crispy onion rings and fresh chips. The Straight Ace is the house favourite. This beauty is comprised of a 200g real beef patty that sits pretty on a bed of crisp lettuce and is topped off with organic cheddar, homemade tomato relish, gherkins and a sweet mustard mayo (R80). There’s also an ostrich version with brie cheese and marinated tomatoes (R80), and a veggie option with lemon-and-herb mushrooms, rocket, tomato relish and grilled halloumi cheese (R80).

Royale Eatery (City Bowl)

Long Street’s famous burger joint has been going since 2003, and the burgers are still fabulous. There are more than 50 options in every incarnation, from beef, chicken, lamb and fish to pork, ostrich and vegetarian. Go for one of the classics like the version with white cheddar for R85, or the Miss Piggy with bacon and guac for R92. If you’re after something different, the El Burro comes with chorizo, chillies, coriander, mozzarella and smoked jalapeños, or the Burgerac with white cheddar and chipotle chillies (R96). Also on offer are excellent sweet-potato fries and magnificent milkshakes in every flavour, from avocado and mint to Nuttikrust.

Burgers at Royale Eatery. Photo supplied.

Burgers at Royale Eatery. Photo supplied.

Saints Burger Joint (Blouberg)

This Big Bay favourite is all about the burger buns. Choose from brioche, sesame kaiser, ciabatta or potato-and-rye before building your burger. The patty options include beef, free-range chicken, pork and chorizo, lamb or portobello mushroom. From there, you can add on everything from smoked mozzarella to ripe camembert, labneh-and-cumin spread, crispy bacon, grilled pineapple and any sauce you’d like, for R15. If the task of creating your own is too daunting, choose from one of the signature burgers like the Heartbreaker with mature cheddar, mushrooms and a creamy pepper sauce (R109).

Stacked Diner (Gardens)

This new Kloof Street spot flips burgers made with South African free-range, grass-fed beef with a range of toppings. There’s the simple original burger for a budget-friendly R45; the cheese and bacon burger for R65; or the veggie option with a patty of beetroot, quinoa, black mushroom and sweet potato (R45). As for the toppings, stack it up with as many free toppings and sauces as you want with options like pickled onions and mushrooms, chipotle relish, flavoured mayos, and mustard. As for the sides, enjoy twice-fried fries, crispy onions with your choice of seasoning, frickles (crispy coated pickles) and barbecue chicken wings.

Woodies (V&A Waterfront)

Situated at the V&A Food market, Woodies offers juicy, fresh Halaal burgers to hungry shoppers. Choose from the likes of the Saffa burger with peppadews, chutney and cheese; the Avo with avocado, mozzarella, cheddar and all the trimmings; or the Tropicana with chargrilled pineapple. For a challenge, go for the monstrous Triple Stack with three 100g beef patties and toppings, or the Colossus with four patties or two chicken fillets. The burgers are priced from R32.50 to R83.50 depending on how many patties you order.


Café Racer (Somerset West)

This biker-themed spot in Somerset West offers all-day breakfasts, hot dogs and gourmet slider burgers. The patties are all served on kitka rolls with fries and tempura broccoli. Try the Davida with a smoked pork patty, béarnaise sauce, grape preserve and Dijon mustard (R99); the Isle of Man (R105) with a beef brisket patty, pinotage onions and melted grùyere, or the gut-busting Wheeler (R110) with beef brisket patty, cream cheese, bacon, mac ’n cheese, and sundried-tomato oil.

A burger at Café Racer. Photo supplied.

A burger at Café Racer. Photo supplied.

The Deck at Hidden Valley (Stellenbosch)
The Wagyu cheeseburger here is brilliant. It arrives on a buttery toasted brioche bun, with a touch of pink in the centre of the patty and the classic toppings of mayo and pickles. The crunchy-sided chips on the side are a scene-stealer.

The Deck's Wagyu burger. Photo by Katharine Jacobs.

The Deck’s Wagyu burger. Photo by Katharine Jacobs.

The Fat Butcher (Stellenbosch)
The meaty fare here is popular. Choose from buns like the Bella burger with a classic 200g beef patty, tomato and chutney for R80, or the Van Riebeek with a 300g patty, bacon, blue cheese and chutney. All burgers are served with chips and onion rings.

Fred and Max (Elgin and Somerset West)

A relaxed spot to chill out with friends, Fred and Max has an epic burger menu. Try the Crunch burger with a juicy beef patty, deep-fried slices of potato, mature cheddar and barbecue sauce (R89); the Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork burger with home-made plum-and-chilli sauce (R92); or the Young and Brave burger with a nacho-encrusted chicken fillet patty topped with tangy mayo, mature cheddar and mango-and-peppadew salsa (R82). All burgers are served with deep-fried onion rings and sweet-potato wedges.

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This month, one lucky Eat Out reader can win a case of Savanna Premium Cider, plus a pair of SPY sunglasses worth R1500. Entry into this competition also qualifies entrants for the grand prize, announced at the end of August: Savanna for a year! (That’s a case a month, for 12 months.)

To enter, all you need to do is write a review of your favourite burger joint. Do it now.


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