The Cricket World Cup at home


South Africans were celebrating on Thursday as defending champs, Australia, were sent home with a five wicket-long tail between their legs. But aside from glorying in the end of the Aussies’ winning streak, there was good reason to celebrate Thursday’s result: it meant that one of the hosts got to stay at their own party. As Yuvraj secured India’s place in the semis, the supporters surged out onto the streets, beating drums, blowing vuvuzelas left-over from the football World Cup, and lighting up the sky with firecrackers. 
Join in the party as the race for the cup hots up. Here is a list of fabulous Indian restaurants that do takeaways, to help you experience the World Cup spirit in your own home. Order fiery hot vindaloo, rich butter chicken, curried vegetarian panneer, naan, and sambals and settle down in front of your telly together for more riveting action. 
Eastern Cape
Umhlanga Rocks
Cape Town 
By Katharine Jacobs

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