Silver Orange Bistro

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Reviewed by Amber Mackeurtan

The main restaurant, Silver Orange Bistro, is phenomenal and I've had many happy and delicious meals there however, after looking forward to spending the afternoon at their smaller 'cafe'/ gin bar set amongst the orchards; Almost Orange, unfortunately I was very disappointed after a visit on a Sunday afternoon. Although the food and drinks are great, the dismal level of service trumps any good experience that we had. The staff are not attentive, they cannot manage larger tables, they still work on a manual billing system thus it took no less than 75 minutes for the bill for a table of 12 - so much so that most of the table left having paid for their meal based on the menu alone. They were not willing to assist with separate bills or accommodate the requirements that come with a larger party. This really is not ideal and if they want to continue as the great afternoon venue and destination venue, they need to ensure that the service is addressed from a Manager, to waitron, to service and bar staff.
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