11 seriously overrated foods

Sometimes our online editor spends too long reading comments online and then she gets grumpy.

1. Pomegranates

They look like mini jewels, but let’s be honest: Pomegranate arils taste of basically nothing and they stick in your teeth something awful. Plus, they cost a fortune.

2. Artichokes

Cooking and eating artichokes from scratch involves a ridiculous amount of labour. And then dipping the little leaves in butter for a milligram’s worth of flesh? Nee, dankie.

3. Pistachios

Don’t get me wrong: I can destroy a tub of pistachio ice cream. But pistachios in their raw form, when coated in those sharp, absurdly strong shells, confound me. The effort-to-reward ratio is just completely out of whack.

4. Balsamic reduction

If I never receive another salad without balsamic reduction squiggles on the plate, it will be too soon.

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5. Curly parsley

Who invented this? What is it even?

6. Dukkah

Is it just me, or does this stuff make you cough, too?

7. Caviar

I mean, I like caviar. It’s kind of nice how it pops in your mouth and tastes salty. But I really can’t imagine paying millions for that flavour. I mean, chocolate, sure. Cheese, sure. Even coffee. But salty water?

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8. Toffee apples

Okay, so these aren’t exactly trendy now, but they once were and that’s what I can’t understand. What you’ve got is some really sharp shards of caramel on top of a seriously mushy apple (floury from the heat of the caramel, if it wasn’t already). I mean, how is this a food that got accepted into the canon of actual foods?

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9. Bircher muesli

There used to be a woman in our office who microwaved her cornflakes with milk to make them soggy. So it’s possible that some people do enjoy the spongy, mushy, cold, baby-food texture of bircher muesli. But I’m convinced that if it weren’t deemed healthy there would be literally one person who ate it.

#birchermuesli is a new breakfast darling at our home

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10. Red-velvet cake

The nice part about this stuff is the cream-cheese icing. There’s absolutely no need for the cake to be red. Unless it’s got beetroot in it, or something.

11. Coconut water

I don’t know, man. It’s like watery tea. Brew that shit for longer.

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