15 reasons why load shedding is actually the best

Let’s take a moment away from the whining status updates and plaintive tweets; the ranting and raving about the economy; the road rage when the traffic lights are down. Cheer up with these 15 great reasons why load shedding is actually pretty great.

1. It’s an excuse to go out for dinner

No power at home? No problem. Just head to one of these restaurants open for business during load shedding.

2. It’s an excuse to eat wood-fired pizza

Not that we need an excuse.

3. …Or braaivleis

Shisa nyama could also go down a treat. And you don’t want to let those beers get warm, so drink up.

4. …Or stay in and have a picnic in your lounge

Don’t forget the wine opener and the napkins. Try these no-bake desserts to end your evening off on a sweet note.

5. Everybody looks better by candlelight

Gently flickering candles smooth out the skin and camouflage burgeoning double chins. Allegedly.

6. Your meal will be more sensual

Free from the tedious distraction of actually being able to see your food, you will be free to savour its heady aromas and textures.

7. It’s easier to sneak chips off your partner’s plate

What’s that behind you?

8. Heavy-handed drinks pouring

Oops, did I finish the bottle? Couldn’t really see all that clearly…

9. It brings people together

South Africans love to complain; it’s practically a national sport (whose ref we’d complain about too, given half the chance). Directing all our wrath at Eskom brings restaurateurs and diners together as a community, instead of pitted against each other, as is often the case in online reviews.

10. You have to visit your favourite deli every day to stock up on supplies

The best items – oysters, bubbly, fancy chocolate – will go off soonest (trust us), so best you get started right away.

11. It’s an excuse to drink condensed milk in your coffee

Because it’s just not safe to keep milk in the fridge.

12. You’ll have to defrost the freezer

You can’t let all that ice cream go to waste.

13. You can raid the pantry under cover of darkness

Be sure to do it Nigella style – in a dashing satin nightgown – and make sure you don’t give yourself away by rustling. (Prepare in advance by stashing your crisps and chocolates in muffled Jiffy bags.)

14. Load shedding is a highly credible and valid excuse to install a new gas stove

Ditching the sluggish stove for quick, slick gas one is every home cook’s dream. And now also a necessity.

15. You have to go to bed early

After all that shopping, defrosting and raiding, you’ll probably need an early night.  Load shedding is exhausting.

Whether the electricity is out or not, you can always use our free app to find the perfect restaurant nearby for whatever you’re in the mood for.

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