17 inspired things to cook in a waffle iron

You know that waffle iron that’s lying at the back of your cupboard, collecting dust? And those leftover doughnuts, going stale in the bread bin? (You may want to go out to buy said items if you don’t have them to hand.)

Why not put them together and save them both from sadness and neglect? From cinnamon buns and toasted cheese to ramen noodles and tofu, here are 17 things to make with your waffle iron. You’re welcome.

1. Those doughnuts are not getting any fresher. Might as well put some in the machine and make crispy, crunchy doughnut chips. We recommend cream-cheese icing as a dipping sauce.

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2. Next, you can graduate to hash browns. You will notice that the waffle maker creates handy wells in which to catch any oozing egg yolk.

3. You could attempt waffle-iron cinnamon apples, for a moderately healthy dessert.

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4. You could make a pretty (but probably rubbery) scrambled-egg lattice.

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5. You can now make two-minute noodles in a crispy lattice. (Though we agree with the commenter: more cheese needed here.)

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6. You could attempt oatmeal waffle-taco shells – though it’s not immediately clear why you would.

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7. You could waffle your mac ’n cheese.

8. Or your tofu (I mean, don’t. But you could.)

9. You could sandwich together two mini pizzas, and make what Americans call ‘pizza pockets’.

10. You could take your grilled cheese up a notch by waffling it, and serving it with bacon.

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11. You could make whatever this is. Or Ryan Gosling could make it for you. That would be fine, too.

12. You could make something called a beeramisu. Honestly, we have no idea what that is, but it looks okay.

13. You could make an entire cake out of waffles. This is gluten-free brown butter tiramisu – a cousin of the beeramisu?

14. You could make waffled turkey stuffing with all the fixin’s.

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15. You should probably make some waffled cinnamon buns.

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16. You could tackle waffled sweet potato gnocchi.

17. Or you could just waffle some cheese by itself. Because sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.

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