5 fresh sushi trends you need to try right now

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Sushi’s worldwide popularity has caused it to become inspiration for inventive chefs everywhere. Here are some of the hottest sushi trends in 2017.

1. Sushi tacos

The internet loves a good food mash-up, but this one actually makes a lot of sense: Tacos add a bit of crunch to the mix, and chilli subs in for wasabi. At Pujol in Mexico City, one of the area’s most famous fine-dining restaurants, there is an entire tasting menu of sushi tacos. Think grilled sea bass tacos with octopus, crab and greens, or squid-ink tostadas with octopus. The whole menu will set you back $95 – about R1 250. It’s not just fine-dining restaurants that are offering sushi tacos, though – these convenient corn-coated bites are making their way onto sushi menus around the world.

2. Sushi doughnuts

According to Insider Food, it was Project Poke in California that first invented this instantly viral treat. The doughnut-shaped rice rolls are filled with a centre of sushi ingredients and topped with perfectly placed pieces of avo, cucumber and fresh fish.

While we’re on the subject, we feel compelled to tell you that sushi burgers are also a thing.

3. Fruity sushi

It’s not an obvious fit, but there’s something to be said for adding sweetness by means of fresh produce. At Chic Sushi in Madrid, they offer sushi with mango, strawberries and even kiwi fruit, seared with a blowtorch.

Meanwhile, at Tail & Fin in Las Vegas, they serve their poké bowls inside a whole pineapple.

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4. Low-carb sushi

Sushi sans rice might sound like a tragedy, but look on the bright side: you get a larger serving of fish. Other versions involve a substitute of cauliflower rice, a wrapping of peeled cucumber, kimchi, whey protein, egg, and spinach wraps.

5. Poké bowls

Poké is a raw fish salad which originated in Hawaii, where fishermen used off-cuts from their catch for a lunchtime snack. Toppings take their cue from traditional Asian flavours – think furikake, soy sauce and sesame oil – though chefs around the world are already remixing the poké bowl, with everything from coriander and nacho dust to pickled pear, labneh and bulgogi beef.

Taste the trends with CTFM’s signature sushi and tapas

Cape Town Fish Market is famous for its fresh, beautifully-made sushi – and the Signature Sushi menu gives South Africans a chance to try some of the most delicious international trends. Try the fish tacos: three corn tacos filled with your choice of rainbow trout, tuna or salmon, as well as peppers, avo, tomatoes and sweet mayo dressing. Love chilli? Try the salmon poppers, which are filled with salmon and cream cheese and served with a sweet chilli sauce. Want some crunch? The lotus rolls are tempura-battered maki topped with spicy tuna mayo and lotus root, dusted with spicy seasoning and served with sweet soy dipping sauce. To see the full signature sushi menu, visit the CTFM website


The Cape Town Fish Market opened its doors almost 20 years ago, when restaurateur Douw Krugmann purchased a fresh fish store at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Today, CTFM is proud to have 13 locations across South Africa, as well as one in Tanzania.

It is a restaurant built on fresh ingredients, a relaxing atmosphere, and, most of all, great-tasting seafood and sushi.

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