7 burgers that are having an identity crisis

Some dishes are complete in their simplicity. You don’t need to add anything; they’re perfect as they are. All you need to do is respect the ingredients and let them shine. But then you get burgers, which are even more fun – and delicious – when you mess with them. Add slices of pineapple, chilli poppers and blue-cheese sauce. Triple the number of patties, top it all with mac ’n cheese and drizzle on some maple syrup. Hell, why not use doughnuts as buns?!

But when is a burger no longer a burger? Have a look at these insane burgers from around the world, and see where you’d draw the line.

1. When the bun is luminous Smurf blue, for some (no doubt excellent scientific) reason

2. When the burger is topped with pizza, instead of a bun (seems rational)

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3. When it is actually a burrito

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4. When the patty is replaced by peanut-butter ice cream and jam, and the fries with doughnut strips

5. When it’s topped with a sausage octopus (wait… what?)

6. When it’s really a sweet dessert, and covered in sprinkles

7. When it’s actually boerewors (no problem there, to be honest)

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