9 gin cocktails that have gone too far

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You’ve never seen gins like this before. Whether they’re piled high with cotton candy or filled to the brim with maze-like garnishes, these are the gin cocktails giving freakshakes a run for their money.

1. Not enough kale in the diet that’s making you hate your life? This cocktail has your back.

2. Is a cocktail even a cocktail if it’s not served with dry ice and an ominous rock?

3. Every drink should guarantee Jumanji nightmares.

3. When grenadine isn’t cool enough, just stick the whole pomegranate on there.

4. You get ten points if you can figure out where your mouth is supposed to go.

5. It may just be us, but maybe glassware shouldn’t wear accessories?

6. For when the bar is a little too urban and you want to feel closer to nature.

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7. Glasses are overrated anyway.

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8. You may need a gin to make you brave enough to attempt this gin.

9. We can all agree: Things have gone wrong when there are more toppings than gin.

Brought to you by Opihr gin

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