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I often get asked as a foodie what the new trends in eating are. Whilst on a gastronomic trip to New York a while ago, I learnt the art of sharing. I wanted to taste as many dishes as I possibly could, so we placed our plates in the middle of the table and simply shared our meals. In fact, we created our very own chef’s table, such as restaurants are apt to do when launching a new menu and new flavours.

Although chefs at top-end restaurants worldwide have been creating degustation menus (better known to us as tasting menus) for a while now, this has recently become more popular and also available to us at slightly more modest eateries.

This essentially is the new trend: chefs present signature dishes in small samples and you get to taste more than you usually would. It’s a bit like eating tapas or dim sum; or picking from a smörgasbord and a sushi platter.

I really enjoy this way of nibbling and since wine is often matched with each plate and served by the glass, again it allows you to sample a whole lot more than you normally would. What a treat!

If a tasting menu is not available, then the trick is to create your own and order just as I did in New York.

Cocktails are also creating quite a stir and ordering a fab looking cocktail at ‘the bar to be’ for a pre- or post-dinner drink is becoming very popular. Its not all about being perched at the bar in the swishest place, but about who shakes up the best murky, sexy pink Cosmopolitan or that perfect salt-rimmed Martini glass.


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