The absolute best truffle fries in Cape Town

They say that ‘cellar door’ is one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language. Not necessarily because of its meaning, but because of its euphony – the way that it sounds. Now, I won’t argue with the linguistic intellectuals who decided this was true, but I just want to know one thing: did they consider ‘truffle fries’?

Aside from sounding great, they’re the ultimate marriage of high- and low-brow indulgences. Truffles are easily the most luxurious food item you can buy, while fries are like the Labrador puppy of the food world – everyone loves them. Appropriately, something magical happens when you combine the two.

Happily, there is one little spot in Cape Town that is making – according to this passionate writer at least – the absolute best truffle fries in town, and that place is The Loading Bay. They’ve set the benchmark by which we all can (and should) judge other truffle fries. Admittedly, everything at The Loading Bay is outstanding – from the cardamom buns to the incredible beef burger – but these fries are a cut above.

The Restaurant

The Loading Bay is a special spot in the heart of the De Waterkant neighbourhood in Cape Town and is cafe-cross-boutique. The eatery is known for their considered menu of fresh dishes made from local and ethically-sourced ingredients. Aside from the fries, their breakfast menu is a mix of creative dishes like buckwheat pancakes with candied butternut along with simple avo on fermented sourdough toast. Lunch features hearty salads – like their green goodness made up of mixed greens, broccoli and poached eggs – as well as their cult crusted chicken strips. The space is shared with a clothing store that features niche brands like Acne and Norse Projects, as well as a fully-dedicated Aesop cosmetics shop. Whatever you need, be it the latest copy of Monocle, organic toothpaste or a hearty and satisfying meal, The Loading Bay has you covered.

Community is everything, and we are so grateful for ours #quality #lookingood

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So what makes these truffle fries so special?

Disclaimer: we know that they’re not grating fresh truffles over fries. That would be too indulgent and, quite frankly, a waste. But what they are doing is tossing their skinny-but-not-too-skinny fries into a delicious truffle salt. The fries, which are hand cut, are fully deserving of their French fry name. They are tall, slim and crispy – the perfect vehicle for their truffle-y salt.

For just R45, a pile of these is served with their famous aioli for maximum dipping pleasure.

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