Andrea Burgener’s favourite restaurants

We asked Andrea Burgener, chef-patron of The Leopard in Melville, which was named the best bistro in South Africa at the 2013 Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards, to share her favourite spots for yum cha, coffee and pizza.

My favourite place for…

A pizza
Piza e Vino. The crust is thin, but also bubbly and with stretch – not a dead matzos, which is what most places make.

Asian food
For Cantonese, Shun De Chinese Restaurant in Cyrildene. They serve the best yum cha in the city, plus addictive chilli green beans and rice noodles.

Japa in Rivonia, where all the Japanese eat. Perfect tempura, too.

A great view
Le Sel at The Cradle, where Coco Reinharz cooks.

Take-away coffee before work
My own house!

A week-day breakfast
Croft & Co. in Parkview.

A lazy Saturday morning brunch
The Argentinean in Linden, for the best croissants in the city.

Sunday lunch with the family
Yum cha at Shun De Chinese Restaurant in Cyrildene.

A romantic dinner
Steak tartare made at home.

A blow-the-budget celebratory dinner
Japa. Start with the vinegared seafood, then move on to the bento box (order it ahead).

An end-of-the-month weekday dinner
Spiceburg in Greenside. It’s not that cheap, but you do get value for your money. They serve incredible south Indian stuff like idlis and masala dosas.

Buying bread
Bolo de caco Madeiran loaf (a soft, sweet potato-and-wheat bread) from Tyrone Fruiterers.

Market-style shopping
I visit the Farmers’ Market at Bamboo on the roof in Melville for good bread, duck, chicken, vegetables, honey and more.


Next time you’re in Melville, make a reservation at The Leopard to see why it won the award for Best Bistro at the 2013 Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards.

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