Best eggs Benedict, drinking holes and break-up meals: Karl Ahari’s food and life advice

After bonding with Karl Ahari over Nik Naks and Viennas on Twitter, we reached out to the celebrity, socialite and magician to find out about his favourite restaurants.

From his most epic break-up meal (a cake of pizzas, with the melting cheese melding them together) to his advice on the best eggs Benedict in the country, we feel we’ve learnt a lot from Karl.

My favourite restaurant for…


Col’Cacchio is always fantastic, but there’s something about their Pizza Foro… it used to remind me of the hole in my heart. Now that big dark circle in the middle of my plate reminds me of the person who filled it.

A burger

It’s got be Hudson’s. BOOM BOOM every time and it’s magical.

Hudson’s on Kloof. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Hudson’s on Kloof. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

A healthy meal

What? Er… I don’t understand the question?


Takumi! When I die I want to be laid to rest on a bed of their salmon roses.

Takumi. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Takumi. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

For live music

Does singing in front of the bathroom mirror count? The closest I get to live music is singing along with Heart FM.

Drinks with friends

Great Dane. There’s nowhere else that comes close.


In bed with my girl. I don’t really go out for coffee when I’ve got everything I want at home.

A meal after a difficult breakup

At times like these I find it’s best to eat at home. I usually settle for a dense cake of pizzas melted into one another, or a little bucket of macaroni and cheese.

A celebration

If I told you I’d never be able to celebrate there in peace.


Kleinsky’s in Sea Point. There is no greater delight in this world (after falling in love) than good eggs Benedict.

A great view

The Oyster Box in Durban. Fantastic oysters – and what a beautiful place!

The Ocean Terrace at The Oyster Box. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The Ocean Terrace at The Oyster Box. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.


Monks Chinese. The grease from their crispy beef and egg-fried rice was pretty much the only thing holding my broken heart together when I went through my last breakup.

Seafood or good old-fashioned fish and chips

Kalkies in Kalk Bay. It’s an institution. But as a rule you should only ever eat fish and chips at a place where the tomato sauce stains your teeth.

My favourite food market

The Neighbourgoods Market in Joburg. There’s just so much that’s excellent to eat.

Neighbourgoods Market

Neighbourgoods Market

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