Candy floss art: the sweetest trend in sugar-eating right now

This is a public service announcement to inform you of an important trend in candy floss, currently taking place on Instagram, and presumably also in the world.

If Instagram is to believed, the streets of Manila and Bangkok are bursting with these insane, multicoloured candy floss flowers.

You can have a pastel one.

A photo posted by @tamarasie on

Or a luminous version.


Is it just us, or does this stuff remind you of balloon art?

A photo posted by @trumpetrachel on

Alternatively, you could order a monkey.



皮皮棉花糖🐶 #candyfloss #maltese


A photo posted by Yi-Juan Chen (@yieva) on


Or this magnificent pastel cloud filled with ice cream and strawberries.

Or a dinosaur.



its the awesomest cotton candy ive ever seen in my entire life! #cottoncandy #cottoncandyart


A photo posted by christine (@crystynsya) on


Or an elephant.

Or a giant, pastel, emoji-inspired poop.


Inspired? Watch this incredibly satisfying video to see how they’re made.

All of the sugar!

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