These churro loops are the ice-cream topping of our dreams

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If you spent your childhood ordering a Flake spiked into your soft-serve ice cream, we have good news for you: The Loop in Westminster, California, is selling soft-serve ice cream with a beautiful looped churro tucked into the top.

According to Insider Food, The Loop is frequently surrounded by long lines of queuing churro fans. The churros start out as giant balls of dough extruded from a machine, are deep fried, and then coated with all manner of flavourings and toppings. Then they’re up-ended and served in a tub of soft serve. 

Choose from simple dipped churros in flavours like dulce de leche and cookie butter or go for the glazed version, with toppings like matcha glaze with fruity pebbles or white chocolate with Biscoff crumbs and cookie-butter drizzle. Alternatively, go all out for a churro-ice cream combo. Flavours include caramel pop, with caramel syrup and popcorn; cookies and cream, with chocolate syrup and crushed Oreos; cheesy berry, with strawberry syrup and cheese bites; choco puff, with chocolate syrup and marshmallows; and double butter, with cookie-butter syrup, peanut-butter cups and a Biscoff cookie. 


The shop also serves up limited-edition flavours, and when Pokemon Go made the news in 2016, The Loop quickly responded with a cleverly styled Pikachurro.

All in favour of churros as a standard option of ice-cream topping, say aye! 


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