Dedicated schnitzel bar opens on Foreshore

The Cape Town city bowl has gained yet another speedy lunch spot and this time it comes in the form of a chicken schnitzel bar. Merle’s, the brainchild of Yaron Wiesenbacher of Bree Street’s Hard Pressed, quietly opened last week in a black shipping container in the tree-shaded parking lot of the Aria Building on the Foreshore.

The shipping container where you’ll find Merle’s on the Foreshore. Photo by Nikita Buxton

The small hatch, which boasts the tagline “Schnitz around the corner”, is inspired by Yaron’s mother Merle and her free-range chicken schnitzel recipe. The short menu features the golden crunchy schnitzel – which had also become a favourite at Hard Pressed – with a bread roll, skinny fries or three salads. These include a crunchy cabbage slaw, a broccoli and cranberry salad, and a chopped cucumber and tomato salad. Sauces to dip your fries into include ketchup, mustard and a spicy chutney-style sauce. You can also add homemade perinaise for an extra R10.

The schnitzels with salad and fries. Photo by Nikita Buxton

On the drinks side of things, there are soft drinks and water available but, for a bit more indulgence, you can pair your schnitzel with one of the milkshakes on offer. Think Jolly Jammer shakes made with real Jolly Jammer biscuits, Oreo milkshakes and 5 Star chocolate shakes.

Merle’s is still going through a soft launch phase, but the hatch will be open for weekday lunches and takeaways and will eventually also open for dinner.

Merle’s will be open for weekday lunches for both sit down meals and takeaways.

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