This dessert parlour is putting pie and slices of cake on top of ice cream

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In ordinary circles, pie is often served with a scoop of ice cream, but at Ice and Vice in New York, they put the pie on top of the ice cream. The ice-cream parlour has been named number one in the Big Apple by New York magazine for its zany, multi-scoop creations, which, though outlandish, apparently “all taste good!”

Pie’s not the only thing you’ll find atop your ice cream cone. Also on offer: ice-cream sandwiches, ginger-lime fortune cookies, black marshmallows, pie-crust cookies (basically bits of baked pastry, as far as we can tell), whipped cream, slices of ice-cream pie, and giant slices of something called black velvet cake.

The flavours themselves are pretty zany, too. The Southern Belle is a combo of Graham cracker crust with juniper-lemon curd, while the Ants on a Farm features celery (!), raisin, and gianduia chocolate chip.

Naturally, a bog-standard sugar cone won’t do for this ice cream. The cones, made by The Konery, are also flavoured. Think salted blue-corn honey cones, birthday cake cones, and bright pink coconut-almond macaroon cones. Co-owner Ken Lo told Insider Food that the idea started after an indecisive customer couldn’t choose between an ice-cream sandwich and an ice-cream cone. The solution? Both.

We have several questions. Aside from the obvious calorific concerns, we’re worried about the structural integrity of these towers of ice cream, and we’d be very interested to see a percentage study of how many of them have landed up on the floor. (We’re also willing to assist with this important research, should our help be needed.)

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