Don’t just adapt, evolve: Insights for the survival of the restaurant and food industry

As the unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc for restaurateurs, industry leaders band together to find practical solutions.

One of the few positive things the pandemic has highlighted is the sense of community through adversity showcased by the hospitality industry, which may aid in its survival. This sentiment shone through in the recent webinar hosted by the McCain Foodservice Solutions’ Insider’s Club, which focused on sharing practical tips for surviving and evolving.

Leading the conversation were panelists Maps Maponyane, media personality and owner of Buns Out; Grace Harding, CEO of the Ocean Basket franchise; Tessa Purdon, Eat Out’s head of content; and Daniel Goldberg, CEO of Bridgement, a small business financing company.

Harding highlighted the importance of sit-down restaurants to work smarter and strategically, looking to technology for innovation and efficiency. She cautioned, however, that that should not take away from the strengths of a sit-down restaurant, which can be improved upon.

“Be very, very careful of the word ‘adapt’. It could cause a distraction of a business model that works because a sit-down restaurant will always be needed,” she said.
Extending on this and sharing her observations, Purdon pointed out that having an accessible online presence has become imperative and that tapping into opportunities there could be beneficial.

“We’ve definitely seen that, for sit-down restaurants, the concept of takeaway and delivery has become crucial. So it’s about amending or creating dishes that are suitable for that format, honing in on key signature offerings without losing what the restaurant brand stands for,” she advised.

With the initial relief programmes for restaurants having ended, financial injections are still needed. Goldberg believes short-term funding could be the answer, although solutions would need to be tailored according to individual businesses’ needs.

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For more business tips and access to the latest trends and resources, the Insiders Club created by McCain Foodservice Solutions is available as an online and collective platform for industry personnel.

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