Where to find hot, steamy dumplings in Pretoria

Looking for an answer to those ‘nagging’ dumpling cravings? We’ve got you covered citizens of PTA with a cool, comprehensive list of spots to visit.

Kung-Fu Kitchen (Brooklyn)

For the absolute best value for money dumplings, head to Kung-Fu Kitchen in the heart of Brooklyn. It’s an upmarket Chinese restaurant with a steady flow of customers from early morning (which includes a steady stream of take-away orders). If you are in the mood for a mid-morning splurge, sit out in a sunny spot on their front stoep and tuck into plates of delicious dumplings. Service is friendly and engaging. They have beef, chicken or pork cooked in various styles, steamed or boiled, fried and deep-fried. With a side of chilli and soy sauce, the 14 pieces per plate may seem like a daunting task to get through. If the number of dumplings per plate does not impress you, then the very pocket-friendly R43 per plate should.

Yumi Café (Hatfield)

This new fusion-style eatery is part coffee shop, part Asian restaurant and part Oriental grocery store. It is close to several tertiary education establishments, so no doubt students will soon frequent this replacement of a previously loved space. There is a massive metal Samurai sculpture perched on a pole outside, but the serene courtyard in the back should be the draw card. They serve steamed bao with pork, some spring rolls, and the 6-piece dumpling plate comes at R45, while 12 pieces will set you back R65.00.


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Ichiban (Queenswood, Villieria and Mountain View)

From their original location in Rietfontein, Ichiban has expanded and now has premises in Queenswood, Villieria and Mountain View, providing Asian food to large parts of the Pretoria Moot area. Apart from great bowls of Phao, Chow Faan, Chow Mein and an impressive sushi selection, their dumpling selection includes steamed pork buns at R32 for three pieces, Cha Siu Boa (R36 for three), Beijing dumplings (R55 for 14 pieces), or a similar fried version for R58. And naturally there is always a queue lining up for take-aways.

Afro-boer (Equestria)

Afroboer remains steadfast in its South African cultural representation. Even though one may not find mogodu here, they serve a version of dumplings that are gently steamed atop an unctuous stew. This dish is not always available, and price is on request, but do phone them if you crave a comforting dumpling dish. They need fair warning as the lamb is simmered overnight for serious flavour development. A sprinkling of garlic, parsley, mint and honey gremolata sends this dumpling dish into the stratosphere.


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Wood & Fire (Nieuw Muckleneuk)

This is one of the best-looking restaurants in all of Pretoria, and it takes a culturally sensitive approach to its fusion offering. Since it offers a full beverage service, what better than enjoying various plates of steamed dumplings with a well-mixed cocktail or a glass of wine? The service is great, and one should book a table in advance. Two Chinese steamed buns with any one of the following fillings and prices are on offer: fried prawns with avocado mayonnaise, pickled carrot, cucumber, red onion, radish and sweet lime dressing, chicken, sesame, mayonnaise and papaya, or a vegetarian Vietnamese inspired version, and finally Katsu chicken with panko-crusted chicken, red cabbage coleslaw and peri peri sauce.


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Cowfish (Lynnwood Bridge and Silverstar Casino)

Cowfish serves a variety of proteins from red meat to fish, shellfish and sushi. They currently have branches in Lynnwood Bridge and Silverstar Casino and are hugely popular as they cover all the bases; from those wanting a good steak to other who may want sushi. Their dumplings are all priced between R69 and R79 for four pieces with delightful selections such as beef and cream cheese, pork and shrimp, chicken, coriander and cashew nuts as well as Sui Mai, with prawns, chicken and Tobiko.


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Oyama Sushi (Lynnwood Ridge)

The Hong Kong owners of Oyama Sushi do not shy away from their Chinese heritage. They have an impressive dumpling menu, and much like their sushi offering, the dumplings are done with care and attention. Chicken, BBQ pork, pork soup dumplings, shrimp dumplings and many more, range between R45 and R65 a plate for three to four pieces. The restaurant has a large but somewhat austere outside seating area, but it is the small, intimate, traditionally Japanese decorated cubicles inside that you shouldn’t miss. Book one in advance as there are not too many of them.

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