Chef Hilde-Lee Olivier set to open elevated sandwich joint in Stellenbosch

Chef Hilde-Lee Olivier, previously known for her exceptional creations at Restaurant Jardine, is embarking on a new culinary adventure. Taking over the original space, Hilde-Lee’s passion project is set to open its doors on 18th July, bringing a fresh and innovative concept to the town’s food scene.

With a passion for culinary innovation, Hilde-Lee shared her excitement and vision for the new venture. “I’m most excited about the freedom to express myself and play around with new ideas. To break away from certain expectations and just have some fun. This space will be created to bring a more relaxed feeling to good food, making it an all-around experience by not just having food as the focus but the whole vibe.”

Toebroodjies sample menu

Image by Lukas Stander

Located in the heart of Stellenbosch, Toebroodjie promises to be a delightful blend of casual vibes, great music, and a lot of local and Afrikaans influences, with a touch of Asian flair.

The core of the menu will feature a mouthwatering selection of toebroodjies (sandwiches) reimagined and elevated with unique flavour combinations. Imagine sinking your teeth into a pastrami Shokupan with sauerkraut and a tangy mustard, or a combination of toasted ciabatta, crumbed chicken breast, sundried tomato pesto, and pickles.

Hilde-Lee grew up surrounded by the rich cultural heritage of Stellenbosch, where Afrikaans traditions are deeply rooted. However, her culinary journey took her beyond her hometown, where she developed a deep appreciation for the vibrant and diverse flavours of the Asian cuisine.

sandwich image from Toebroodjies

Image by Lukas Stander

“I’ve always been a big lover of Asian cuisine and culture, that said, being a Stellies girl at heart, I thought to showcase my personal interest and love for both into one shop. We can always do more to highlight local businesses and products. A sandwich with a beautiful crunchy crust is always a winner, but nothing hits the spot like the soft, rich texture of a Japanese milk bread,” she says.

The adventure doesn’t end there! Hilde-Lee’s menu boasts other tantalising options, including the irresistible BBQ-glazed short rib, beer-battered oysters, and a whole-roasted cauliflower drizzled with a curry emulsion and sultanas.

But it’s not just about the sandwiches – Hilde-Lee’s passion for supporting local artisans extends to the beverage offerings. Guests can expect an impressive selection of wines sourced from various regions across South Africa, providing a taste of the country’s rich winemaking heritage. For beer enthusiasts, the restaurant proudly serves Cederberg beer on tap, offering a refreshing complement to the bold flavours of the sandwiches.

You can also pop into the attached shop for some Asian goodies, art, games and a quick takeaway.

Stay tuned for more updates as the grand opening approaches!

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