Where to get decadent doughnuts in Johannesburg

From classic jam-filled versions to those made with caramel chips, Oreos and Smarties, here’s where to get great doughnuts in Joburg.

Belle’s Patisserie (Birnam)

Linda Lipschitz has ensured this shop at the Blubird Shopping Centre has been the go-to for cupcakes and doughnuts for the last seven years. There’s always something crazier than expected, too, like the recently developed croix-nuts, iced with chocolate, filled with custard or jam, or made with caramel chips. They cost R22, while the regular doughnuts are R18.

The interior of Belle’s Patisserie. Photo supplied.

Café Patisse (Emmarentia)

Pâtissier Martin Ferreira is crazy about both variety and surprises, as we’ve seen with his éclairs. His ring doughnuts, fanatically made with the best ingredients, are topped with what he feels would be delicious that day – or hour – whether chocolate, custard, creams, confectionery, fresh berries or nuts. Each doughnut costs R15 but he likes to sell a variety of half a dozen at a time, which is more exciting and affordable.

Cafe Patisse doughnuts

Gourmet doughnuts at Café Patisse. Photo supplied.

Dope Donuts (online)

These doughnuts are really crazy, and it’s even better being able to order them for delivery. Select from twelve different life-size doughnuts on the website, including Queen of the Sugar Age (chunky chocolate and a selection of sweets); Crumbs (Oreo shards); Double Dipped (half-white half-dark chocolate and studded with nuts); and Shaken not Stirred (dark chocolate clustered with Smarties). Get a box of 12, of at least three different flavours, for R240.

Doughnuts from Dope Donuts in Parktown North. Photo supplied.

Kramerville Bakery (Kramerville)

Chef Alex Windebank and his wife Eloise produce these favourites. Pity they’re only available once a month. Handmade with stone-milled non-GMO flour and fresh yeast, they undergo a 24-hour slow fermentation before being proved and then fried. The home-made custard filling is made with egg yolks and real vanilla seeds (R20); the chocolate ones are filled with 70% Belgian chocolate (R25); and the jammy ones are filled with home-made fruit preserves (R20). They’re made in small batches of 100, to make sure they’re super fresh. See the Facebook page for more.

Kramerville Bakery doughnuts

Doughnuts at Kramerville Bakery. Photo supplied.

Krispy Kreme (Park and Sandton Stations, The Zone, Sandton Mall, Clearwater Mall, Eastgate Mall, Mall of Africa)

Despite being a big brand, these have become a Johannesburg institution. There is a limited-edition Christmas selection of three including the Christmas Tree, which is the original unglazed doughnut filled with vanilla cream, dipped in green or white icing, with red edible tinsel and baubles, topped with a choc star and a Kit Kat white or milk finger for the stem. There are 16 other Krispy Kreme options, including cheesecake, red velvet, powdered raspberry and more. Prices per doughnut range from R10,90 to R16,90, or order by the box.

Tonka Bean Bakery (Fourways)

Tonka Bean’s artisanal doughnut puffs take 24 hours to prove and come with fillings of vanilla custard (R15–R20) or Nutella and finishes of chocolate ganache (R20–R30). Phone before you take the drive to ensure they have stock.

Custard-filled doughnuts at Tonka Bean Bakery in Fourways. Photo supplied.

Two Trees Bakery (Mulbarton)

Some consider these to be the best in the province. Half the attraction is the prettiness of the iced doughnuts, but it’s also the way the scrumptious milk filling melts in your mouth as you take the first bite. Owners Belinda and Patrick O Bryan have laid out a good inter-doughnut, high-energy, action-playground here for the kids. Doughnuts cost R20 each.

XO Patisserie (27 Boxes, Melville)

People from all over Joburg are crazy for hand-made doughnuts from this relatively small place with a big reputation. Yaseen Essa is always inventing; his latest end-2017 seasonal special is the eggnog cronut, flavoured with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove custard (R38). There are many OTT and choices too for R32.

Cronuts sit on top of milkshakes at XO Patisserie. Photo supplied.

Also look out for the gourmet doughnut with vanilla bean, coconut and miso glaze on the cover of our 2018 edition of the Eat Out magazine.
Doughnuts on the cover of 2018 Eat Out magazine


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