Where to get refreshing iced coffee in Johannesburg

Rich, dark and strong artisan coffee isn’t something usually associated with summer, but since South Africa has caught the coffee bug – and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon – we’ve searched for spots where you can get your java fix without steaming up your sunnies. Some are sweet and milky, some are fierce and some are pretty unusual… Behold our list of fabulous iced coffees.

Beans About Coffee (Edenvale)
Try the iced mocha, made with crushed ice, milk, a shot of espresso and hot chocolate (R27). Choose from any of the 16 beans stocked in the shop for your espresso. Their coffee shake is made using Papoulis speciality ice cream and clients can choose from blends such as Sidewalk, which has sweet chocolaty undertones, or Black Gold, a dark roast with a sweet fruity taste (R25).

Bean There Coffee (Milpark)
The affogato here comes with two scoops of Paul’s home-made vanilla ice cream and two shots of espresso served in a Consol jar (R35). Their iced latte is slightly less elaborate but no less satisfying: a blended drink with ice, milk, condensed milk and a double espresso (R25).

Croft and Co (Parkview)
Even though the short glasses they use here are very different from the average iced coffee in terms of size, they are packed with punch and richness. Called Illy Crema, the drinks are made using a pre-mixed instant coffee powder. Croft & Co takes it to the next level by mixing in milk and then ‘slushing’. At R20 a cup, it’s like drinking a cup of coffee snow.

Beans About Coffee. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Beans About Coffee. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Father Coffee (Braamfontein)
This shop serves no less than three iced coffee options. Their cold brew iced coffee (R23) is for serious aficionados. Made from limited edition Konga Natural coffee berries, which are dried whole to emphasise sweet berry notes. The grounds are mixed with cold water and steeped for 12 to 14 hours, then filtered and poured over ice. Father also serves two espresso-style options (both at R22): a double espresso poured over ice and served with either cold milk or cold water and the heirloom option, a double espresso made from a careful blend of two Central African and two central American coffee bean varieties. (This is most definitely not the kind of place where you should ask to have your coffee mixed with ice cream!)

Grand Central Café (Sandton)
Tuck into a comforting coffee milkshake made by blending a single espresso with huge scoops of vanilla ice cream (R34).

tashas Atholl Square (Sandton)
Try either the iced coffee or an affogato, both made with Lavazza espresso. The iced coffee (R32) is made from espresso blended with vanilla ice cream; the affogatto (R54) with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with espresso lungo, foamed milk, honey and almond flakes. Pure decadence.

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