All hail the caketus, the cactus cake taking Instagram by storm

If succulents and cacti were just a little more ambitious, they could launch a full-scale revolution from the houses and coffee shops of design-conscious but horticulturally lazy individuals. So popular are they, in fact, that it was only a matter of time until someone made a succulent themed-cupcake.

American stylist and designer Alana Jones-Mann is the creator of the #caketus, a cactus-shaped cupcake. In a post on Instagram, Alana explains she first made the cactus cupcakes in New York a few years ago, while homesick for her native San Diego and Southern California.

Since posting the photo, she’s had several requests for #caketus wedding cakes.

Alana credits her mother with coming up the name ‘caketus’.

The DIY on Alana’s blog has been viewed over half a million times.

She was even asked to make a cactus-themed terrarium for Betty Magazine.

She’s done a Christmas cake version of the caketus.

Alana has also made a banana-leaf print cake, inspired by the iconic Martinique print.

An embroidered cake…

A marble cake…

And a mosaic cake.


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