Are these the most insane doughnuts in the world?

We knew the Australians were ahead of the game when they started putting doughnuts on top of milkshakes, but when we saw this doughnut – which features, amongst other things, edible glitter in a syringe, bubblegum glaze, Chupa Chups lollipops, and strawberry Persian candy floss – we knew they’d found a way to take things even further.

 Created for the one-year anniversary of the opening of the Doughnut Time chain, these creations are the result of a collaboration between the brand and several high-profile bakers.

Aside from birthday-cake-themed doughnuts, the inventions also feature churros, Mexican chilli chocolate, caramel and Nutella…

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 …Passionfruit curd, mango, meringue and edible flowers…

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…And something called a fruit salad unicorn cheesecake ball.

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 Although the above creations are not for sale, the café does sell some equally insane doughnuts. They are responsible for this mildly hypnotising Nutella-stuffed doughnut.

And this: a glazed brioche doughnut, stuffed with something called Nutella bacon (which scares us a little), and a Wagyu beef cheeseburger.

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Congratulations, Australia. You have reached peak doughnut.

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