Kitchen triumphs: 13 of the most satisfying food experiences

Not everyone is a virtuoso in an apron, but there are some universal truths when it comes to preparing and eating good food. Here are 13 of the most satisfying food experiences, whether at the kitchen counter, dining room table, restaurant or campfire.

1. The gentle puff of your snowy baking powder hitting the flour

And you thought the flour looked pure white until now.

2. Slicing into a perfectly cooked egg, with the yolk still glossy at the centre

Two words: eggs Benedict.


3. When your lasagne sheets fit into your baking dish

No shattering the pasta into awkward pointy shards.

4. Plucking the oyster of a chicken off the warm roast with your fingers

Two can play this game.

5. When you cut your avo open and it is creamy perfection



6. Spooning into a chocolate fondant to find the centre still gooey

There is no greater crime than a dry pudding.

*Bites lip

*Bites lip

7. Drizzling anything from a height – melted chocolate, cream, honey…

…Straight into your mouth when no-one’s looking.


8.  Peeling your naartjie in one complete curl of skin


9. When your ice cream slides out of the spoon in one flawless globe

Especially if you have one of those fancy scoops with a trigger.



10.  When your teaspoon can just-just fit into the jar to retrieve the last few morsels of capers, pesto or mustard

Having to scrape with the handle of a spoon results in sad face.

11. Licking the beater of the electric mixer clean

Don’t tell mom.

12. Peeling the golden lid off a roasted marshmallow

…Then going back in for another round.


13. Cracking the sugar crust of your crème brûlée with the sharp tap of a teaspoon

Simply the best.


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