Level 1 lockdown: What does this mean for SA restaurants?

On 16 September 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa will go into lockdown Level 1 as of midnight on Sunday, 20 September, and that international travel (certain countries to be provided) will be allowed from 1 October.

What does this mean?

  • Social, religious and other gatherings are permitted provided they also abide by the following conditions.
  • The number of people in any venue must not exceed 50% of its normal capacity.
  • A limit of 250 people applies to indoor gatherings.
  • A maximum limit of 500 people applies to outdoor gatherings.
  • Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing must be maintained.
  • The curfew time will be from midnight until 4am.
  • The easing of restrictions on alcohol sales under Level 1 must be done cautiously and responsibly to prevent harm to public health. On-site consumption in licensed establishments is allowed, with strict adherence to the curfew (midnight).
  • Sale of alcohol at retail outlets is permitted from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
  • International travelers will be allowed upon the meeting of certain requirements.

Wendy Alberts of the Restaurant Association of South Africa said in a message to the country’s restaurants: “I personally applaud you all for your relentless passion, tenacity and true love for this incredible industry. The people who work so tirelessly to serve us every day are elated to be back at work.”

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