Catching up with MasterChef guest judge Abigail Donnelly

Last night’s episode of MasterChef SA has been our favourite so far. Obviously. Our lovely editor Abigail Donnelly was the guest judge, after all.

Under Abigail’s watchful eye, the ten contestants had to cook a dinner for four people in 60 minutes – for under R150! Not easy, as we saw last night. There were some interesting concoctions – pork pasta, anyone? – but fortunately some delicious ones too. We catch up with Abigail on her experience.

The MasterChef SA contestants are funny and eager to learn everything.

On the MasterChef SA set I had so much fun. I loved being there.

My failsafe weekday meal consists of my husband’s homemade pasta with chilli, bacon and tomato sauce.

My favourite way of preparing chicken is roasting it in my Le Creuset pan with leeks, white beans, bay leaves and chicken stock.

My favourite products from Woolworths are the organic chicken stock and prawn chips.

When I think of Robertsons Spices, I think of my nana’s rice pudding, sprinkled with ground nutmeg.

A good minestrone soup is best cooked with a rind of Parmesan.

I think the winner of MasterChef SA will be Deena.

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