Meet the Chizza, KFC’s fast-food hybrid of your hungover dreams (or nightmares)

Forget cronuts, pokérritos and woahnuts, KFC in Singapore has launched a new hybrid food and it’s both intriguing and terrifying.

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The Chizza – pronounced like pizza, apparently – is combination of pizza and the food brand’s famed fried chicken. The innovative meal comprises a fried butterflied chicken breast, which takes the place of the pizza crust, and a combination of toppings. These include tomato-based pizza sauce, grated mozzarella cheese, KFC’s signature secret cheese sauce, sliced chicken ham and pineapple chunks. The Chizza is then baked until golden and crispy. This somewhat questionable creation, which follows the trend of the chain’s no-bread meals like the Double Down, is currently taking social media by storm.

While we commend KCF on its creativity, we have many, many questions. What is that secret cheese sauce actually made of? Why is there pineapple on it? Is there a Chizza option without pineapple for those with ananaphobia? What is chicken ham, anyway? Can it be served in slices? And again, why is there pineapple on it?

Would you eat a Chizza? Spill your shameful secrets in the comments below.

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