Millecake: The crêpe cake you never knew you needed

A towering inferno of delight is blazing through the dessert world. Prepare to face the multi-layered crêpe confection that is the millecake.

Combining two of the greatest things in the world, this dessert hybrid packs scores of delicately thin French pancakes into a cake shape. The word mille means a thousand in French, and also lends its name to the classic mille feuille of ‘a thousand’ sheets of fine pastry layered with custard. For this mega version, just about anything delicious is layered in between, from Nutella to matcha.

Behold the glorious variations of the millecake.

Plunge into this ombre millecake, which is definitely easy on the eye.

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These beautiful matcha layers are sure to help you make it through the day. 


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Why not place some fruit on top just to make you feel a little bit better about life?

Evidence of what is quite possibly the most multi-functional cake ever: meringue on crêpes. Why this isn’t more common is beyond us.


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Further proof of its greatness: the beautifully constructed tiramisu millecake.

But sometimes the best route to go is the simple chocolate millecake featuring everyone’s favourite cookie, the Oreo.


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If you want to go over to the adventurous side, this rainbow-layered millecake is undeniably psychedelic.

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For all the tea-lovers, this Earl Grey millecake from Lotus Cake Boutique is perfect for a par-tea. Just absorb its many decadent qualities.

Alternatively, this original millecake is perhaps best to savour. Sometimes what’s simplest is best.

This colossal invention of a millecake combines two childhood food favourites: Oreos and peanut butter.

You may not have the courage to consume this white chocolate and lemon curd millecake; it might just be too beautiful and delicate.

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Be still our hearts.

If you’re looking for a local restaurant to get these gratifying cakes, look no further than The Whippet. They make a scrumptious millecake made with vanilla crème anglaise and rich dark chocolate spread between the layers.

You’re welcome.

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