Where to order a knockout high tea

Brought to you by Wupperthal Rooibos 1830

We’re pretty sure heaven comprises pastries as far as the eye can see, tiny savoury treats and a variety of baked goods either flavoured or filled with chocolate. And though we could quibble about the differences between tea, afternoon tea and high tea, we’d much rather just reach for another scone piled high with cream, so here’s our guide to finding a heavenly high tea experience in South Africa, no matter the form it might take.




Cape Town

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Brought to you by Wupperthal Rooibos 1830

Wupperthal Rooibos

Tucked away in the Cederberg Mountain Range in the Western Cape is the small village of Wupperthal, the birthplace of rooibos. Here, the humble, hardworking people of Wupperthal have been farming rooibos organically for over 200 years, preserving cultivation rituals for generations, making Wupperthal Rooibos 1830 the country’s best kept secret.

Wupperthal Rooibos 1830 is darker in colour, stronger and naturally sweeter in flavour, with subtle caramel and fruity aromas, establishing it as a rooibos of the highest quality. Its rich anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ensure that it’s as good for you as it is for the people who grow it.

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